5 Stages of Manhood

5 Stages of Manhood

You are male by birth, but man by choice. The worse dilemma in our generation is that boys became husbands. And even worse, many boys became fathers. Just because a guy can get a woman pregnant, doesn’t mean he is a man, it only proves he is male. Women want men, not boys! Nations need men, not boys!

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10 Keys to Dealing with Difficult People

10 Keys to Dealing with Difficult People

Whether you’re in ministry or on a job, married or in school, you will always be around people. Learning to relate to people is one of the greatest skills you can develop in your lifetime. And, learning to deal with difficult people is one of the greatest secrets to lasting success and happiness.

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6 Clues to Your Calling

There is a general calling that we have from God which is to FOLLOW Jesus, FORSAKE sin, and to FISH for souls. God also has a specific calling for us within His body.

5 Steps to Deeper Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Jesus is the Lamb of God (John 1:29) and the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit (John 1:25-34). One of the assignments of Jesus is to introduce us to the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives eternal life and abundant life (John 10:10). Eternal life does not exist outside of salvation but abundant life does not exist outside of the Spirit.

More Than Measure

While we might not decide what measure was given to us we do determine what we do with our attention. That decides our outcome.

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