Leader and Pastor Vlad and Lana

Vladimir Savchuk serves as the lead pastor of HungryGen Church, a vibrant multi-cultural congregation dedicated to soul-winning, healing, deliverance, and the raising up of young leaders. In addition to pastoring, Vladimir extends his ministry through the written word and digital media as an accomplished author, YouTuber, and traveling preacher. He also offers free E-Courses through his online learning platform, VladSchool, making theology and Christian living accessible to a global audience.

Vladimir's journey began in Ukraine, where he was born into a devout Christian household. Moving to the United States at the age of 13, his calling manifested early when he took on the role of a youth pastor at just 16 years of age. His dynamic style and deep understanding of Scripture quickly made him a sought-after speaker at various conferences and Christian gatherings.

Sharing life and ministry with his wonderful wife Lana, Vladimir embodies a dynamic approach to leadership and the preaching of God’s Word, enriching lives both in his immediate community and well beyond.

Pastor Vlad and his wife Lana recently welcomed baby Samuel into the world on March 20th.

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