Join Pastor Vlad to reset your spiritual life.

21-Day Prayer Challenge

August 5-25, 2024

We are at the half year mark and many of us started really well, but somewhere along the line we may have drifted. It’s time to cast our nets into the deep so we can catch God’s breakthrough and miracle in our life, family, and ministry.

Prepare your heart to seek God and take the E-Course on How to Pray
Pray daily and choose 15 min, 30 min, 60 min time slots
Join the midnight prayers on August 9 & 23 between 11pm to 3am
Strengthen your prayer by fasting for 3 days or 7 days or just once a week

Make sure you sign up to be part of the community during this challenge. Keep an eye out for the live-streams that will happen during this event.

New Book Release

Build Fire

Jesus intends for all His followers to rise up and overcome the attacks of the enemy. Too often, Christians find themselves living defeated, unfulfilling lives. Pastor Vlad Savchuk offers valuable life lessons and empowering strategies for experiencing the true joy and adventure of the Christian life.

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Aug 16-18 — Register Now

Worship —
Jeremy Riddle
Worship —
Jeremy Riddle
Speakers —
Vlad Savchuk
Andres Bisonni
David Hernandez
Dr. Michael Brown

Host the Holy Ghost

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk takes you on a journey through discovering the communion with the Holy Spirit which belongs to everyone, not just the spiritually elite.
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Lana Savchuk

Pastor Vlad and Lana

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk

Through pastoring a church, authoring various books, publishing educational resources, speaking internationally, and engaging in other ministries, Vladimir Savchuk Ministries is bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the corners of the world.
Pastor Vlad and his wife Lana recently welcomed baby Samuel into the world on March 20.


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21-day Fasting Challenge

Fasting Challenge

Join with us in this 21-day fasting challenge from January 8-28 by filling out the form below and receive an exclusive invite to the Telegram group where you can fast alongside me and others to accelerate your spiritual life.
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