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About The Book

Fast Forward Book Cover

In Fast Forward: Accelerate Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk takes you through a 21 Day Fast paired with daily Biblical teachings, spiritual encouragement, and practical tips that will help take your walk with God to the next level.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Learn what the Bible says about fasting, practical steps to begin fasting, and the best way to fast for the most spiritual gain.
  • Understand how to break certain bad habits, obstacles, and demonic strongholds once and for all through Biblical fasting.
  • Discover practical tools to assist you in fasting the correct way as outlined in Scripture.

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About Vlad Savchuk

Vladimir Savchuk leads HungryGen movement and pastors a multi-cultural church with a clear-cut, focused vision to see the salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, and the raising of young leaders.

He leads the annual Raised to Deliver conference which attracts thousands from all over the globe. He leads three different internships. He is a sought after speaker at conferences and camps.

Vlad was born in the Ukraine into a Christian home, immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13 and became a youth pastor at the age of 16. Recently, he became a lead pastor of HungryGen Church.

He is married to the beautiful young gal Lana with whom he enjoys spending time and doing ministry together.

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