How to Know Your Calling

By Vladimir Savchuk | July 29, 2021 | 4 mins

How to Know Your Calling

There is a general will of God for every Christian. This general will involves: following Jesus, forsaking sin, and fishing for souls. Follow, forsake, and fish – that applies to every Christian. You’ll notice that as you get involved in the general will of God, God’s specific will for your life will become clear over time. 

I want to share 5 cues that can help you discover the calling God has in your life. 

Before we get into that I want you to understand, if you’re not interested in doing God’s will that’s revealed for you, then you shouldn’t be asking God to reveal His specific will for your life. Make sure you do God’s revealed purpose first, then, He will reveal your specific calling.

With that said, let’s jump right into the 5 cues.

5 Cues That Help Reveal Your Calling

  1. A Special Revelation From God. God can reveal this through a dream, a prophecy, or an inner whisper. In the Bible some were called by God through an angel, through a burning bush, or through a prophet. For me, God really left an impression in my heart that ushered me into the ministry that I am in today.
  2. The Advice of Others. Many times the community of faith and other leaders can discern God’s calling on your life better than we can see it ourselves. It’s important to pay attention to their suggestions as to where we fit best in the big picture of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. 
  3. Your Passion. There are causes that get you excited; they seem to replenish you instead of depleting you. That could be a clue for your calling. Your passion could oftentimes be a strong indicator. If you’re passionate about preaching, missions, songwriting, signs and wonders, or even media – all of that could be God indicating to you your calling. 
  4. Talents and gifts. Passion is good, but you must realize if you’re even talented or graced in that area to begin with. Talents come at birth, but gifts come at salvation. God graced you with natural abilities and spiritual gifts with the purpose of helping you fulfilling your calling. Your gifts and talents can give you a cue into God’s specific call. For example, if you have a natural talent for public speaking, and you have a spiritual gift where this anointing, inspiration, and boldness become apparent when you speak, it could be a sign God is calling you to preach the Gospel. If you’re born with a natural ability to sing and spiritually you’re graced with an ability to write songs, that can be a sign that God is calling you to lead worship. 
  5. Your experience. God can use your mess and turn it into a message. He can turn your scars into your stars. Moses escaped Egypt and then God used him to deliver the people of Israel out of Egypt. The things we go through are not just for ourselves, they are for our ministry. The devil wanted to use our past to destroy us, but God not only rescued us from our past, He will recycle our past to enhance His purpose on Earth. Look into the backyard of your experiences and ponder what you’ve gone through. Many times God will use these to fuel our calling. The things we were called out of can become the breeding ground for where God is taking us. 

Be Interested In Serving

I want to remind you, get busy doing the general will of God for your life. Get busy doing the revealed will of God, and He will make His specific will more clear for you. Be faithful in the small things. Don’t look for a place to shine, look for a place to serve. Don’t look for a title, pick up a towel. Be like David; he was faithful with the sheep even though he was called to be a king. He wasn’t waiting for Saul to die, he was ministering to him as a musician; look for an opportunity to serve. Don’t be committed to your potential, be committed to your purpose and God will help you fulfill your potential. 

If you’re not interested in doing God’s will that’s revealed for you, then you shouldn’t be asking God to reveal His specific will for your life.

Remember that God is not as interested in helping you reach your calling, as much as He is interested in changing you in the process of discovering your calling.

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