Spirit Spouses

By Vladimir Savchuk | September 30, 2021 | 4 mins

Spirit Spouses

This article contains mature content for mature audiences. 

Ask anyone who has been in the deliverance ministry about spiritual spouses and almost every person will tell you that they have encountered a “spirit spouse” case. Many people can tell you of an encounter they’ve had with these spirits.

Spiritual spouses like Incubus, Succubus, or Lilith not only attack a person with sexual encounters and physical molestation but also can impregnate them with spiritual perversion or confusion. Some dreams can be more violent in nature, so much so that people can wake up with an orgasm, feeling physically violated, raped, tortured, tormented, and even emotionally drained from these encounters.

What Does The Bible Say?

While some Bible translations mention “Lilith” directly, the others provide a footnote in reference to the night creature as Lilith–a night demon who is a sexual wanton (Isaiah 34:14). We also see in Genesis 6, that spiritual entities came to earth and had physical intimacy with human women and had offspring – the Nephilim. These demons still continue to have sex with humans. And although their offspring are not actual babies, this act still produces physical effects in people’s lives.

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What A Spiritual Spouse Does

These demons delight in inflicting pain, fear, and mental anguish. Ultimately they seek to destroy the abundant life created by God. Through repeated sexual encounters, they attach themselves to the people and hinder their relationship with another human. As a result, the person experiences these signs:

  • Battle with consistent wet dreams or dream induced orgasms.
  • Feeling overpowered by an addiction to pornography or lust and other perversions.
  • Inability to get married or marriages ending in divorce.
  • No affection or sexual drive for their human spouse.

Open Doors For This Kind of Attack

  1. Witchcraft: Witchcraft potions, love potions or spells that are cast by someone in order to gain your love or affection, leaves an open door for a spiritual spouse to attach itself to you.
  2. Sexual Sins: Any form of sexual sin or perversion is one of the most common open door for a spiritual spouse to lay its hand over you. These sexual sins could be anything from fornication, adultery, bestiality, homosexuality, or any other sexual acts including viewing and consuming pornography. This is almost like their breeding ground, as these demons have an insatiable appetite for sexual perversion and sexual immorality.
  3. Generational spirit spouses: In some cases, spirit husbands/spirit wives attach themselves to a bloodline from one generation to another. This essentially occurs in cases where someone in the previous generation was involved in witchcraft, sexual perversion, rape, molestation, or human sacrifice.
  4. Molestation or Abuse: While it doesn’t sound fair, demons view the act of molestation or abuse as an open door and often, already associated with the sexual perversion of the molester, they attach themselves to the victims of sexual abuse.
  5. Soul Ties: When the person that you have a soul tie with, walks away from your life, it results in the breaking of your soul into fragments. The enemy takes advantage of this weak point and comes in as a spirit spouse.

How To Be Free

Living in freedom and deliverance from a spiritual spouse requires a disciplined devotion to God. These are a few things that can help your be free and remain free:

  • Devote your life to Jesus: Go beyond a sinner’s prayer or being a lukewarm Christian.
  • Become His temple: Set your body apart and declare it as that which belongs to the Holy Spirit, bought by the blood of Jesus.
  • Renounce that spiritual spouse: Break its grip over your life by believing in the authority already given to you by Jesus.
  • Abort anything planted by the spirit spouse: Confess, declare, and uproot any seed/offspring planted in your life as a result of the encounters.
  • Seek deliverance: If the torment continues, seek spiritual help. Deliverance prayers, prayer lines, prayers with pastors in the deliverance ministry, deliverance conferences like Raised to Deliver, are all means that will take you into an atmosphere of deliverance and you will be set free in our Lord. 

The Bible says Jesus came to give us life in abundance – that includes beautiful God-ordained relationships. He will set free those who seek Him, for He gives His beloved sleep and provides to them a life in abundance.

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