How to Take Your Prayer to The Next Level

By Vladimir Savchuk | August 3, 2023 | 6 mins

How to Take Your Prayer to The Next Level

As you desire to deepen your relationship with God, it’s crucial to remember that prayer is much more than a spiritual discipline. It’s a conversation with our Creator. Here are a few tips that I know will help you to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with God.

1. Prioritize Sleep

If you’re having trouble with morning devotions, it might be because you’re staying up too late (Psalm 4:8).

Try going to bed earlier so you’re more alert and refreshed in the morning.

In the Old Testament creation story, the day begins with night, then morning. Your day should similarly begin with a good night’s rest. This simple change can significantly impact your time with the Lord in the mornings.

2. Consistency Is Key

One common challenge in prayer is maintaining consistency (1 Thessalonians 5:17). One of the biggest problems that people encounter is they start with hype and then burn out, fizzle out, or lose the passion that they started off with. In order for that to not happen to you, it’s important to realize that it’s the habits that will get you through, not the hype. Instead of striving for long prayers daily, focus on regular prayer. Make it your aim to have a consistent prayer life that refreshes and blesses you.

3. Seek God’s Word Daily

Each day, ask God for a daily rhema (Matthew 6:11). A rhema is when God quickens a word, and it feeds you, empowers you, and fuels your faith. When I go into my reading of the Scriptures, I look for that word. Now do I get that every single day? No. But I try to say, “Lord, I need a word from You, not to preach, not so I can post something but a word so I could be fed spiritually.”

Engage deeply with the Scriptures. Don’t just read to get through your plan; seek revelation and spiritual nourishment.

4. Keep a Journal

Consider journaling as part of your devotion time (Habakkuk 2:2). Write down your insights, convictions, and experiences. Now it does take time but try to listen. When I read, I listen to God’s Word, and as I write that out, it’s a way of me expressing what I feel the Lord is saying through His Word.

5. Minimize Distractions

One practical way to stay focused during prayer time is to eliminate distractions (Matthew 6:6). It’s a good rule to try and live by not going through social media until you pray and read the Word. Turn off your phone notifications, avoid social media, and keep your mind focused on God.

6. Change Your Prayer Location

Sometimes you pray in the same room for years and get into a rut. We see in the Bible (Mark 1:35) that Jesus went to the mountain to pray and went into the wilderness other times. I don’t think there’s anything super sacred about having that one room where you always pray. Pray in a different room, go outside, or visit a local church.

7. Spend Extended Time with God

Consider setting aside extended periods for time with God (Mark 6:31). I believe it’s crucial to reset your heart, your motives, and your passion for Jesus. I try to take 48 hours or 72 hours every month or so where I disconnect, and spend time with God. Some may say it’s too expensive, but I want to challenge you to invest in your relationship with Jesus just as you invest in other things.

8. Incorporate Fasting into Your Prayer Life

Adding fasting to your prayer routine can also bring a new depth and power to your prayer life. You don’t have to do this daily—but I would encourage you to find a rhythm that works for you. (Matthew 6:17-18)

If you desire to start fasting but are finding it tough to do it alone, join our Fast Forward challenge. It’s a group of us who are fasting every month on the last Monday-Wednesday.

9. Prioritize Worship Over Petition

Another way to enhance your prayer life and grow in your relationship with God is to spend more time in worship than in petition. While there is absolutely a place for presenting your needs and requests to God (Philippians 4:6), it is important to prioritize worship.

When you spend time adoring God, praising Him for who He is and thanking Him for His goodness, you become more aware of His presence.

It’s in these moments of worship that your prayers become saturated with an awareness of God’s presence. This shift in focus doesn’t dismiss your needs, but it puts them in the right perspective.

10. Memorize Scripture

Lastly, I would encourage you to incorporate Scripture memorization into your prayer time. This isn’t about merely reciting verses but about storing God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11). As you meditate on and memorize Scripture, you not only grow in your understanding of God’s Word, but you also have a reservoir of verses to draw from in your prayers.

There are numerous methods for scripture memorization. You could start with just a few verses or passages that are especially meaningful to you. There are also many apps and online groups available to help with this, providing a structure and community for your memorization efforts.

By spending more time in worship and intentionally memorizing Scripture, you can bring a greater depth to your prayer life. It’s not about creating a perfect prayer routine but about taking steps to grow in your relationship with God. He is eager to meet with you, to hear your prayers, and to speak to you through His Word.

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