T.B. Joshua – 10 Things I Learned From Him

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First of all, I want to share my condolences to the family, wife, and children of TB Joshua, as well as all of his staff regarding his passing. To honor his memory, I would like to share a few things I learned from T.B. Joshua.

In 2010, Pastor Vasiliy, our senior pastor, traveled to SCOAN (T.B. Joshua’s church) where he received a timely word that helped bring breakthrough and build a powerful connection between our church and his ministry. In 2012, about 14 of us visited once more and were given anointing water to pray for the sick and the demonically oppressed. Shortly after, our first-ever deliverance line began which has now led to monthly deliverance services and a biannual deliverance conference – Raised To Deliver.  

We are grateful for T.B. Joshua’s life and how God used his ministry to catapult us into bringing deliverance and salvation to this generation. 

Here Are a Few of the Lessons T.B. Joshua Taught Me:

1. The Power of Testimonies.

We saw a heavy emphasis on testimonies at SCOAN and witnessed how it birthed other testimonies that provided evidence of the power of God still at work today. 5 years ago we replicated that here at HungryGen and have continued to share testimonies every service since. 

2. Deliverance is Essential.

T.B. Joshua normalized deliverance. Seeing it as a normal practice at SCOAN helped remove a stigma for me. Now God is using our ministry to the do same for others. 

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3. Prayer Line Preparation.

There is great intentionality behind the scenes in order to get the most effective results during deliverance; hours of pre-prayer counseling and screening. It’s just as important as the prayer itself. Before every deliverance prayer line, we now make sure to take people through the screening process to aid in the effectiveness of long-term deliverance.

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4. Spiritual Warfare Prayers.

At SCOAN, they did mass confrontational prayers and declarations that brought about deliverance. Jesus spoke to the sea, t to sicknesses, and to demonic beings. We are called to follow and do just as He did. We now practice confrontational prayers in many of our services.

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5. The Use of Media.

The Lord placed on T.B. Joshua’s heart the importance of media which has now translated into our ministry. Media is the tool that gets the Word of God out today and we are intentional with the platform God has given us.

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6. Prophesy Deals With The Root. 

Prophesy is meant to go to the root of the problem, expose it, and bring a solution. I was able to witness precise and life-changing prophesy through this man of God while at SCOAN. Here at HungryGen, we value prophesy and the edification it brings to believers and the church as a whole. 

7. The Simplicity of Teaching.

Jesus didn’t teach complex messages. Instead, He taught simple messages full of power. One thing that caught my eye at SCOAN and something I now imitate is this example of simple yet powerful messages.

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8. Radical Generosity. 

On various occasions, T.B. Joshua radically sowed into our ministry and into my life. This radical generosity birthed a desire in me to continue doing the same to others.

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9. Anointing is Transferable.  

The rod of Moses, the saliva of Jesus, Paul’s handkerchief, all demonstrate a principle-God’s power can be transferred, and the Holy Spirit can use anything He wants to heal or deliver people. God used the anointing water from T.B. Joshua to help the start of our prayer lines, but the Holy Spirit is not limited to distance or objects. 

10. Dealing With Critics. 

Jesus focused on His mission and His assignment and we saw that in T.B. Joshua as well. He faced immense criticism, but never let it faze him. If you’re a ministry-creating movement, criticism is unavoidable. We at HungryGen also try to live with this same mindset.

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All of these principles have helped me a great deal in our ministry at HungryGen and have blessed countless lives as a result.

The life of T.B. Joshua was an enormous blessing to the world and to the Kingdom of God. His legacy will live on here on earth and in heaven forever.

If you would like to hear the full story in depth please watch my video:

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