Why is Deliverance Not Practiced in Churches Today?

by Jun 30, 2020Deliverance

First of all, just because the church doesn’t do deliverance on the stage or post a video on YouTube, it doesn’t mean that deliverances don’t happen there.

​I believe that every church has to be a 4×4 church. By 4×4, I refer to four main values that the church should have:

  • Passionate prayer: the church is a house of prayer. Prayer prepares the atmosphere for the anointing in which demons can’t stay. Churches that don’t see deliverances are usually churches not praying and fasting.
  • A heart for evangelism: this is huge because when lost people get saved, usually deliverance follows. Churches that don’t see deliverances might be those where no lost people are getting saved.
  • The expectation of the miraculous: we create services where miracles are expected, instead of creating sermons to explain a lack of miracles. We need to add to our services: praying for the sick, sharing testimonies, and coming with a mindset that the impossible will happen today.
  • A confrontation of the demonic causes deliverance to happen. Some are scared of doing spiritual warfare in the church service. I think prayers at church need to have a part where demons are confronted beforehand, and those who are designated to that specific prayer need to be trained and equipped.
If you attack anointing, you will not attract anointing. Click To Tweet

When Apostle Paul put the bundles of sticks together to start a bonfire on the island, a viper came out. When we build a fire, snakes come out. Our goal is to build a fire, not to look for the snakes. Fire exposes and expels snakes.

Also, the fear of God must be stronger in our hearts than the fear of people. Many times ministers are afraid to teach deliverance because of the opinions of people.

For those ministers, I have to remind you that King Saul lost his crown because he refused to destroy God’s enemy. Walking in the Holy Spirit causes us to walk in the fear of God. Without the anointing, we live in the fear of men. Hollywood is not afraid of what the culture will think of them when producing all kinds of junk to put in our theaters that highlight witchcraft and the supernatural.​ People are hungry for the supernatural, but the church is scared of what people will think. We should obey Jesus to cast out demons, not live to please people.

When you build fire, snakes come out. Click To Tweet

One more thing is that if we are always quick to criticize deliverance ministries, we will not walk in the deliverance anointing. If you attack anointing, you will not attract anointing. You may not agree with or understand some ministers who do deliverance, but please refrain from attacking and criticizing them. Instead, find those who do it right and learn from them.

This is an excerpt from short e-book “Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance”. You can download free digital copy here.

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