Here’s Why Some People Don’t Want To Take a Covid-19 Vaccine

By Vladimir Savchuk | August 22, 2021 | 3 mins

Here’s Why Some People Don’t Want To Take a Covid-19 Vaccine

There’s been no long-term testing.

The development of vaccines takes multiple years. The fastest vaccine to be made took almost five years to make, but now people are pushing to take one that was made in just a few months?

How do we test for long-term effects?

That’s right, we can’t.

Remember when the media and doctors were pushing cigarettes on people? It’s now clear that smoking cigarettes has long-term effects.

It’s possible to trust doctors while at the same time being cautious in regards to long-term effects and testing.

Knowing that the survival rate for those under the age of 35 is over 99%, some in said age group would rather let their immune system fight the virus than get a vaccine for it.

ModernaPfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for emergency use. While they may prevent you from getting Covid-19, you still can get Covid-19 after getting vaccinated.

Some people under the age of 35 feel that they don’t feel the need to get a rushed vaccine for a virus that their body can handle.

They stand for medical freedom.

The same way we’re allowed to refuse a flu vaccine is the same way people want to be allowed to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine.

If one is immunocompromised, then it is their responsibility and obligation to take care of their own health. That’s the unfortunate truth. The majority of illnesses are preventable with a proper diet and lifestyle.

It’s pure hypocrisy for one to be concerned about COVID-19 and push for mask mandates when they eat processed foods, are overweight, and oftentimes malnourished.

Regarding mandatory vaccines:

Imagine if everyone was forced to eat peanuts. While the majority of the population would be fine, there would be people who would die and/or be severely harmed if they ate peanuts.

Much like the vaccine, not everyone is responding well and some people have died. While rare, this is still something that is happening. Mandating this vaccine is medical tyranny and can/will kill people.

While there are tests to see if someone is allergic to nuts, there is no test to see if someone is allergic to this vaccine.

Credits to An0maly for the analogy.

Rejecting the vaccine now does not mean rejecting the vaccine forever.

Some find it discomforting that the vaccines have emergency use authorizations. It’s as if we are driving to the hospital but we are running every red light on the way there. Some would rather wait a few months to see how it’s been treating people and for it to be FDA approved.

We may need a vaccine but it’s okay to be cautious about it and wait for it.

If you want to take the vaccine by all means you’re in your medical freedom to do so, but don’t shame others who don’t want to take the vaccine just yet and/or at all.

This article was written by Amir Odom.

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Vaccination Exemption Documents

After speaking with lawyers, as a church, we have acquired these documents for those wanting to actively refuse the vaccine.

Feel free to download these copies below.

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