How To Study The Bible

How To Study The Bible

Learning how to study the Bible is the number one key to staying on fire for God. Interesting Facts About The Bible The Bible as we know it today is over 1600 years old, written by 40 authors across three continents and in three languages. Depending on your...

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Blaspheme Against the Holy Spirit

When I was a teenager, I was bombarded with thoughts to say something wrong about the Holy Spirit. These thoughts were intrusive and intense. By this time, I had already become a youth leader. The enemy used my fear and ignorance about this topic to fill my mind with no-good ideas so that, in return, I can commit an unforgivable sin. I did not know much about spiritual warfare at the time, nor did I have a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit as I have now, but I loved the Holy Spirit and knew that these thoughts were not mine.

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