Pastors Summit 2024

Join us for two powerful days this April, where you’ll receive instruction, inspiration, and impartation to do what God has called you to do.

Thursday 7 pm – Pastor Marco Garcia
Friday 10 am – Deliverance & Discipleship
Friday 2 pm – Youth Ministry & Media
Friday 7 pm – Pastor Vlad Savchuk

*You can stay on Saturday to see behind the scenes of our deliverance preparation process and stay for the service.

Saturday 1 pm – Shadowing Deliverance Preparation Process
Saturday 6:30 pm – Deliverance Service

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Hourly Schedule


7 pm
Thursday Evening Service
Pastor Macro Garcia from The Way World Outreach


10 am
Friday Morning Breakout Session
Deliverance & Discipleship
2 pm
Friday Afternoon Breakout Session
Youth Ministry & Media
7 pm
Friday Evening Service
Pastor Vlad Savchuk


1 pm
Shadowing Deliverance Preparation Process
6:30 pm
Deliverance Service


Apr 25 - 26 2024


All Day


Hungry Generation
3203 W Sylvester, Pasco, WA 99301
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Comments 5

  1. Pastor Vlad I want to thank for all of your teaching whatever the subject. I have been blessed. I wanted to know if you will ever come to the New Jersey-Philadelphia area? Please come I would love to come to one or two or maybe three days of sermons. I sure we will welcome you with open arms. We need a pastor like you in Philadelphia area.
    God Bless
    Julie Monell ❤️

    1. Yes, I agree, we desperately need someone to teach this type of course to pastors / laypeople in this area. I grew up here and NEVER heard anything about deliverance until I stumbled upon Vlad’s YouTube channel…..Vlad, please come to Philadelphia or South Jersey!

  2. My name is Gigi! I would like to participate in the Pastoral Summit in April 2024, but I am from Romania and I have no way to get a visa for the USA.
    Could I participate live online via YouTube or another social media channel?

  3. I am in New York and will be glad to be part of the April submit !

    I will kindly need some information as I don’t have any family member there!

    347-998-1702 it’s my number

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