5 Lessons From My Dog

5 Lessons From My Dog

God said that Caleb was a man who wholly followed God. Word “Caleb” actually translates to dog. Like a dog Caleb was fully after his owner. A dog’s absolute joy is to be near his master.

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How to Pray?

How to Pray?

Are you wondering how to pray or what to pray for? You are not alone! Disciples asked Jesus the same question. Prayer is communication between the Father and His children. Just as communication can’t exist without a relationship, so can’t prayer.

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10 Keys to Dealing with Difficult People

Whether you’re in ministry or on a job, married or in school, you will always be around people. Learning to relate to people is one of the greatest skills you can develop in your lifetime. And, learning to deal with difficult people is one of the greatest secrets to lasting success and happiness.

10 Tips to Overcome Spiritual Drought

We all will go through spiritual droughts, but they do not need to take over your life. Sometimes great victories are followed by great temptations.

Conviction of the Holy Spirit

When was the last time you have been convicted by the Holy Spirit that you are righteous? Do you know that’s also His role? May you experience the conviction the Holy Spirit, the conviction that you are righteousness in Christ Jesus.

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