How To Stay On Fire For God

How To Stay On Fire For God

As Christians, we have 3 main enemies: lust, pride, and greed. Adam, Eve, and Jesus were tempted by the devil using these tactics. Satan didn’t invent anything new; he still uses the same tactics against us. The good news is that God has given us 3 weapons to combat...

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4 Ways to Deal with Doubt

Doubt can drown you. Doubt can also be drowned by you. Great men of faith like Abraham, Zachariah, Philip, Peter and Thomas had moments of doubt in their walk of faith. At times, doubt occurs when what we expect is not happening; and, what shouldn’t be happening is happening.

Why I Wrote “FIGHT BACK”?

It’s time to move from deliverance to dominion. It’s time to move from freedom to fighting and overcoming. Fight Back.

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