10 Tips to Overcome Spiritual Drought

by Feb 14, 2021Faith, Prayer

We all will go through spiritual droughts, but they do not need to take over your life. Sometimes great victories are followed by great temptations. Even Jesus went through wilderness after great glory on the river Jordan. During Joseph time, 7 years of plenty quickly turned to 7 years of drought. In this post you will learn practical tips on how to get through your spiritual drought.

1. How you respond in the drought will determine how long you will stay there. Israel had a journey in wilderness that was supposed to last short time but because of wrong reaction to the wilderness, that journey lasted 40 years. Jesus on the other hand went through wilderness time in only 40 days because His response was epic. He spoke the word, Israel complained in wilderness.

How you respond in the drought will determine how long you will stay there. Click To Tweet

2. The Holy Spirit can lead you to the wilderness, but only the Holy Scriptures can guide you through it. Jesus was led to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, but He battled through it through the power of the Scriptures. Rely on what you KNOW from the Word, and not on momentary feelings when you are in spiritual wilderness. 

The Holy Spirit can lead you to the wilderness, but only the Holy Scriptures can guide you through it Click To Tweet

3. God’s silence is NOT God’s absence. Like a teacher is silent during a test, God is quiet while you are in the midst of a test. During a physical test in a class, one must rely on what was already learned and what a student committed to memory while the teacher was speaking. Then the teacher speaks again as soon as the test is over. Likewise, during God’s tests, He is quiet. A believer must rely on God’s prior teachings to get them through the test, and God WILL show himself. 

God’s silence is NOT God’s absence. During the test, the teacher is always quiet. Click To Tweet

4. If you’re going through hell, keep on going. David said, though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death. Walk through, don’t live in it. Paul said, put on armor of God to withstand on evil day. Don’t let an evil day or the valley of death become your life by building a tent.

God does not just reward us when you find Him, but when you seek Him. Click To Tweet

5. God does not just reward us when you find Him, but when you seek Him. “Blessed are those who HUNGER and THIRST for righteousness.” 
not those who ARE righteous. Just for pressing into God through fasting and prayer and seeking Him, God will reward you and give the breakthrough you need. God is rewarder of those who seek Him…David was called man after God’s heart, it does not mean David had God’s heart. It just means that David was after it and God blesses that.

6. Suffering is not an excuse to stop serving. For example, Job prayed for his friends when his own life was in shambles, and Jesus healed even while he was getting arrested. Abraham prayed for healing for others when his own wife was barren. Job prayed for his friends when his own life was shattered. We do not serve for ourselves, but for God out of obedience and love for Him.

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7. Sometimes the best thing you can do on your worst day is to take a nap. When your body is tired, emotions take over, and affects your spiritual life. The enemy WILL take advantage of your weariness. When Elijah was running from Jezebel, the angel of God offered him nothing but food for strength and sleep for rest. Jesus also napped, and He was the only one who was able to calm the storm. Be refreshed. Get rest. Nap.

Devotions are your time spend with God; devotion is the life you gave to the Lord. Click To Tweet

8. If you miss devotions, that does not mean you lost your devotion.
Devotions are your time spent with God, and devotion is the life you give to God. If you question your devotion for missing a few days of reading the Word, it is a lie of the devil. You are in a RELATIONSHIP with God, not a CONTRACT. Christians should not feel guilty when they miss a day of prayer, but they should feel hungry!

9. DO NOT make permanent decisions when you are spiritually dry.

10. Develop stamina and patience. God allows dry seasons in our lives to establish the fruit of patience to make you complete. A fruit develops from sour to sweet, and that takes time. Likewise, patience needs time. Therefore in the midst of dry seasons, do not complain or give up because God is making you more complete. You become a person who is not swayed by emotions or circumstances when patience grows to ripeness.

If you are going through very hard time spiritually, I am praying that you will be strengthened in your spirit to persevere.

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