How to Prepare For The Right Person

By Vladimir Savchuk | April 4, 2024 | 4 mins

How to Prepare For The Right Person

There are many single Christians who desire to find the right person to marry. But often, our singleness can be wasted if we don’t spend it trying to become the right person ourselves.

If you are in a season of waiting, here are a number of things you can do to prepare and build yourself as you wait for the right person to come along.

10 Things You Can Do As You Wait

1. Strengthen Your Relationship with God

Use this time to deepen your faith. Engage in prayer, Bible study, and worship. A strong spiritual foundation can prepare you for a healthy, God-centered relationship.

During this season, chase after God hard. Let Him be your main focus and your heart’s concern. Don’t be desperate for a relationship. In Scripture, we see that before God gave Adam his wife, Eve, He gave Adam a garden where they could have a relationship.

2. Pursue Personal Growth

Next, work on personal development. This can include pursuing education, building a career, developing hobbies, or improving life skills. A well-rounded individual often attracts a similar kind of partner.

Find ways to challenge yourself to grow as an individual during this time. It will increase your confidence and self-esteem.

3. Serve in Your Community and Church

Get involved in church activities or community service. This not only allows you to contribute positively to others’ lives but also might lead you to meet like-minded individuals. As you begin to get plugged into the church, you will begin to notice and get noticed by those who also value and prioritize the same things you do.

4. Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Build strong relationships with family and friends. These relationships can provide support, guidance, and joy in your life, regardless of your relationship status. If you have a broken relationship with your family, try and take time to mend it if possible.

5. Understand Your Values and What You Seek in a Partner

Take the time to reflect on what qualities are important to you in a partner and what values you want your relationship to be based on. This self-awareness will help you in making wise choices when dating.

My encouragement is to check that you are aligned on the following things:

  • Faith
  • Doctrine/Convictions
  • Opposing genders
  • Values
  • Vision for the direction of your life

Once you take time to see if these things align, then consider taking an introspective view on how you feel about them as a person, your attraction to them, as well as asking what trusted people around you feel regarding that person.

6. Practice Contentment

Next, learn to be content in your current stage of life. Contentment brings peace and happiness, which is attractive to others and beneficial to you.

7. Stay Physically and Emotionally Healthy

Another important thing is to take care of your physical and mental health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and seek emotional healing and maturity. A healthy you contributes to a healthy relationship. During this time, it’s important to also guard your mind, your body, and your soul from sexual temptations and soul ties.

8. Set Boundaries

Understand and establish your personal boundaries in relationships. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries that align with godly values. Be weary of creating deep emotional connections with those of the opposite sex.

One way to measure if a connection has crossed a healthy boundary, is to ask yourself if your spouse would be okay with you having that sort of relationship with that person once you are married. If the answer is no, adjust your relationship.

9. Pray for Your Future Spouse

This is a very powerful step that you can begin today. Even if you haven’t met them yet, pray for your future partner. Pray for their growth, well-being, and that your paths would cross at the right time.

10. Be Open to God’s Plan

Lastly, I want to encourage you to remain open to the ways God might work in your life. God can always surprise you and bring the right person in the most unexpected ways.

I pray that these steps help you as you wait for God’s promise in this season.

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