Steps to Find Freedom From Demons

By Vladimir Savchuk | June 10, 2024 | 3 mins

Steps to Find Freedom From Demons

While committing sins doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get a demon, people are potentially vulnerable to getting attacked by an unclean spirit in moments of weakness.

If you yield to sin and habitually involve yourself in sin, then you begin to give place to it in your life. I have heard many cases of people telling me that they felt something enter them, such as rage or anger, and afterward, there seemed to be certain moments where they felt they were controlled by it. Now, this can happen to anyone, even if this person loves Jesus, goes to church, and tries their best.

The Bible warns us not to give place to the devil, emphasizing that we must live alert, watchful, focused on Jesus. If you sense you may have opened a door to demons in your life, here are a few steps you can take today.

Steps to Get Free

1. Repent

Repent of things you’ve committed and any known sins of your ancestors. We don’t repent for the sins of our ancestors so that they could be forgiven and move from Hades or hell to heaven. Instead, we repent so that those connections to us can be broken once and for all.

2. Renounce

Another important step is to renounce anything connection or involvement that you’ve had with the occult. Just take some time to verbally list off the things the Lord brings to your mind, emphasizing your disconnection from them.

3. Release Forgiveness

Next is another big step that many people often overlook. It’s important to choose forgiveness today. Release forgiveness to people who have hurt you. The lack of forgiveness is one of the reasons why many people stay in bondage.

4. Remove Questionable Items

Next, go throughout your house, car, or phone and begin to remove things in your possession that the Lord highlights. This can be anything that is questionable, dark, or may have roots in the occult. If you have doubts about an item, begin to pray and ask the Lord for direction regarding that specific item.

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5. Rebuke the Spirit

Lastly, rebuke the spirit. For this step you may need to find someone who is willing to pray for you. While the Biblical precedent is to have someone pray over you and command that demon to be removed from your life, I do have videos and blogs on self-deliverance if there is nobody near that can help pray for you.

Final Thoughts

Jesus wants you to experience freedom and desires that you then learn to walk in dominion. You can do that by keeping your life focused on Him, choosing purity, holiness, and righteousness.

We have monthly deliverance services at our church if you need spiritual help. Find more info here.

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