Remove These Demonic Objects From Your House

By Vladimir Savchuk | June 1, 2023 | 3 mins

Remove These Demonic Objects From Your House

Sometimes there are things that are hidden in our home that are demonic in nature. I have heard many stories of people who get rid of certain demonic objects and begin to experience breakthroughs in their life shortly after. Here are a few things to consider.

Choosing What to Remove

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what needs to go.
  • Start with the obvious.
  • Check the closets, office, basement, backyard, storage, and your car. 
  • Scan your digital space for images etc. 
  • Look for demonic symbols in pottery, jewelry, clothes, and other objects. 

8 Common Demonic Objects

1. Native American symbols, pottery, and jewelry that serve as spirit guides.

Many Native American decor pieces are deeply tied to pagan beliefs about the world and protection from evil. A good example is dream catchers. They provide protection from evil dreams, but in reality, they are contact points between this world and the next realm.

2. Symbols, books, and objects that represent the New Age.

A good example is tarot cards. Those cards are demonic in nature. You must part with anything that connects you to the demonic realm.

3. Symbols, books, and objects that represent witchcraft.

This could be things like Ouija boards, voodoo dolls or spell books.

4. Good-luck charms.

Dispose of any item that brings luck. Demonic objects like crystals, rabbit’s food, and good-luck jewelry are examples. Often, souvenirs from other countries.

5. Symbols, images, and statues of other religions.

Consider things that are represented in other religions and have a deep meaning like skulls, snakes, statues of saints, pentagrams, death, or bibles. Although they may not serve as a particular emblem of a certain religion, they do connect to things that as Christians we should have no part in.

6. Demonic Games.

Games like Dungeons and Dragons or that are spiritual in nature, could be an open door to the demonic.

7. Movies and Music.

Videos that show extreme violence, horror, satanic rituals, lust, or porn should be tossed. Also, remove any music that glorifies sexual immorality, satanism, or death. Remember that the devil is using these tools to spread his agenda and ideas.

We shouldn’t use excuses to try and justify watching or listening to content that glorifies these things because they have the potential to expose our life to demons.

8. Gifts, items, letters, and objects from your ex.

Even though things from your ex or a past relationship may not have been demonic in nature, they could have a hold on your soul and your future.

After You’ve collected the items in your home

Once you’ve gone through and found all the stuff that you need to get rid of, burn them.

It may sound extreme but it is a powerful act. Not all things can be burned, some will just need to be thrown away and others deleted, but for any times that you can, burn them.

As you get rid of these items, renounce the objects and the spirits connected to them. Break any soul ties from the past and anoint your house with oil, and rededicate your house to the Lord.

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