The Power of Prayer and Fasting

By Vladimir Savchuk | June 20, 2024 | 4 mins

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Sometime back, I got sick with fever and, like every person who hates any discomfort, I quickly went to my favorite doctor—Google, only to discover some very interesting truths.

I found that our body has a thermostat in the brain. Anytime our body gets a disease, it sends a signal to our “thermostat,” which increases the temperature. The body starts feeling hotter to help your immune system fight off the disease and it’s in this environment that many viruses and germs cannot live.

So, instead of praying off the fever, I said, “Lord, bless the fever.” The fever is working, helping to spot and drive out the virus or germ. It was then i realized that this is similar to how fasting works. Our body fights against something that is not supposed to be there by increasing the temperature.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

In Acts 28:3-6, as Paul was gathering brushwood to put in the fire it says that a viper came out to bite him. Why? Because of the heat. Similarly, germs come out because the fever forces them out. When we take the time to pray and fast, we’re increasing the heat in our spiritual life. That’s why there’s a little discomfort, but ultimately God wants to force everything that is not of Him out of our lives.

1. Personal Transformation Precedes Power Demonstration

In Matthew 17:21, it says, “This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Jesus was on the mountain praying to the Father. As He prayed, His appearance was altered. I believe that personal transformation precedes power demonstration. Prayer changes you before it changes your situation.

I want to encourage you to spend one-on-one time with the Lord. Spending time with God empowers you for your valley problems by first changing you.

2. Prayer Enables You to Overcome, Arguing Disables You from Winning

Secondly, we see in Mark 9:14-18 that when Jesus came down from the mountain, He found His disciples arguing with scribes instead of trying to deliver a demon-possessed boy. In other words, when we abandon our prayer life, often we will begin to develop habits that have no bearing on our effectiveness. Return to what truly matters, otherwise you will begin to be distracted by useless arguments and other things that will only extinguish your fire for God.

We’re witnesses, not lawyers.

3. Mountain-top People Can Handle Valley Problems

Lastly, we must understand that mountaintop experiences with God give you the strength to handle valley problems. When we are faced with difficult times, sometimes instead of removing the valley, God increases your strength to endure the valley.

If that is the case in your life, I would encourage you to combine prayer and fasting. It is the combination of both that helps to fix your connection to God and disconnect you from the world.

The Early Church took fasting seriously, fasting two days a week. Fasting was part of the culture of the Church and was required before communion and water baptism, this is not just a new practice.


Fasting is not about losing weight or starvation but about abstaining from food for spiritual reasons. It helps break habits and spiritual problems that physical methods can’t fix. Check your connection to God and the world. Deeply connecting with God and disconnecting from the world is the key to experiencing victory in your valley.

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