How To Get Rid Of Nightmares

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Many people fear when the night comes around, not because they’re scared of the dark, but because they get horrifying attacks in their sleep. Statistics show that 50- 80% of adults have battled with nightmares.

The enemy loves to attack us with fears, spiritual spouses, snakes, or spiders, and things of that sort. It’s all the work of Satan. His goal is to cut away at our peace & power, one nightmare at a time.

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As We Sleep

It’s during our sleep that the devil comes to sow nightmares (weeds) in our hearts to bring fear and confusion (Matthew 13:25). It does not mean that we are possessed but it does mean that the devil hates us and wants to bring division and turmoil.

We have to resist that.

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God Can Use Dreams

The Bible also shows us how God uses dreams for His purposes.

When Jacob went to sleep, God appeared to him and showed him what He had in store for Jacob and his descendants (Genesis 28:10-22).

It's clear that God can use dreams to reach us, and the devil will try and hinder that pathway of communication as much as he can. Click To Tweet

Jacob met God in the dream, not in a church. God is still interested in revealing Himself to people through dreams.

Here are few practical things you can do to overcome nightmares:

5 Tips To Overcome

  • Before you go to sleep, read the Scriptures instead of being on your phone or watching TV.
  • Meditate on the Word of God before you fall asleep.
  • Commit your night to the Lord in prayer.
  • If you wake up with a nightmare, rebuke it right away. You can pray something like this, “I rebuke this attack of the devil. I don’t accept it as my new reality. I believe in what God says about me.” Sometimes something as simple as this prayer will stop the nightmares from repeating.
  • Avoid filling yourself with junk during the day (ungodly influences from music, movies, or bad company).
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My Advise

The Bible says, “…He gives His beloved sleep” (Psalm 127:2). Hold on to promises like this in His Word.

Rest in the faithfulness of God, and in His love for you.

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