The Power of Praying in Tongues

By Vladimir Savchuk | October 9, 2023 | 4 mins

The Power of Praying in Tongues

During COVID, when all the gyms were closed, I decided to set up a gym at home. One thing that quickly became clear to me was that just owning a gym didn’t automatically make me fit; only consistent exercise does. This is similar to what happens when we pray in the Holy Spirit.

I want to challenge you to incorporate the act of praying in tongues into your daily routine for just 10 minutes. This simple, yet profound, biblical practice has the power to unleash God’s might in and through your life.

Just as working out affects my body, mood, and mindset; similarly, praying in the Spirit influences various aspects of our spiritual life.

The Challenge

For the next six months, make it a goal to pray in tongues regularly – be it every weekday, thrice, or four times a week. The more consistent you are, the more profound the benefits. Here are seven transformative outcomes of practicing this:

  1. You can become stronger when you pray in tongues
    Ephesians 3:16 speaks of gaining strength in our inner spirit through the riches of His glory and the might of His Spirit. Are you feeling overwhelmed or even stressed? Your spirit man is most likely in need of strengthening. God wants to strengthen your inner man. And, one of the best ways you can do that is by praying in tongues.
  2. You can build your spirit
    Praying in tongues not only strengthens you but helps build you up as Jude 1:20 and 1 Corinthians 14:4 state. Just as many often focus on building a career or a family, it’s vital to prioritize building oneself. By praying in tongues, you are rebuilding and rewiring yourself through the Holy Spirit.
  3. You will get refreshed
    Isaiah 28:11-12 prophesies about the rest and refreshment we can find through the gift of tongues. Those feeling overwhelmed can find refreshment by waiting on God. Choose to be engaged as you wait. Allow God to bring refreshment and rest to you as you begin this practice.
  4. You will release God’s river
    When you speak in tongues, God’s river begins to flow out of your spirit, through your soul, and into your life (John 7:38-39). I wonder what would happen if we began to live our life watering our circumstances through the means of God’s river.
  5. You will pray from God’s will
    Romans 8:26-27 emphasizes that the Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses. He intercedes for us in line with God’s perfect will. Through tongues, our prayers become more aligned with His desires. As a result, we are able to get more prayers answered because they are in line with God’s will.
  6. You can praise God
    Acts 10:46 illustrates that speaking in tongues can cause our worship to be much deeper and can be used to magnify and worship God in a greater way.
  7. You will bridle your tongue
    I find it interesting that the baptism of the Holy Spirit affects one of these tiniest organs that we have in our body. It’s so small yet it can have such a great effect on our life. Our  tongue can start wars, can break up a marriage, and break somebody’s heart. The Holy Spirit wants to use it for His purpose. When you speak in tongues, I believe God will begin to give you greater self-control to tame your tongue when it’s necessary.

For those skeptical about the voluntary act of speaking in tongues, it’s not a physical exercise  but it’s a spiritual one. It’s an exercise toward godliness. In fact, the Bible commands us to be filled with the Spirit.

Being filled with the Spirit is not just something we wait on God to do. It’s actually something God is waiting for us to do so He can fill us.

Join our challenges

Would you join me to take next six months and pray in tongues every day? I want to encourage you to pray in the Spirit. Even if you don’t feel anything, exercise your spiritual muscles and I believe you will begin to unlock the treasures of the supernatural that are available to you through Christ.

For those ready to take this spiritual plunge, sign up for our various challenges, including the fasting challenge and the Bible memory group.

Also check out my newly released book, ‘Host the Holy Ghost’ that further dives into this topic.

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