5 Snakes to Kill in the Marriage Garden

By Vladimir Savchuk | October 2, 2023 | 3 mins

5 Snakes to Kill in the Marriage Garden

Marriage is like a garden. As in any garden, you’ll find seeds of potential, weeds of discord, and snakes that aim to destroy. Weeding and planting are essential, but sometimes it’s important to focus on “killing the snakes” that lurk in the garden of marriage. These are not just any snakes; they are often spiritual enemies that threaten the sacred union God designed (Mark 10:9).

The Myth of the Perfect Marriage

Before we get to the “snakes,” let’s debunk a myth that sets many marriages up for failure. Some people believe that if they marry the “right person,” then the marriage will somehow effortlessly thrive. However, even a marriage made in heaven must be worked on here on earth (1 Peter 5:8).

5 Marriage Snakes You Must Conquer

Here are five spiritual “snakes” that can disrupt your marriage:

1. Generational Curses

Generational curses are cycles of dysfunction that pass from one generation to another within a family. Scripture mentions generational curses as the consequence of forsaking God’s commandments (Numbers 14:18). These can be cycles of sickness, divorce, molestation, addiction, and so much more. When they’re not dealt with in marriage, they can cause division or even the separation of a couple.

2. Demonic Spirits

Demonic spirits may manifest in various ways, such as spirit spouses or spirits of anger, control, loneliness, and rejection. These spirits can cause division and strife in marriage. These spirits can also cause a loss of sexual intimacy, manipulation, and bitterness within a marriage.

3. Mental Strongholds

These are false beliefs or misconceptions that you have accepted as truth. They can come from society, family upbringing, or personal experiences. These can be ideas that you somehow have “fallen out of love,” “grew apart,” or even things like, “I’m still young enough to marry someone else if this doesn’t work out.”

Thus, eventually allowing the enemy to ruin the relationship because of these strongholds.

4. Addictions

Addictions such as alcohol, drugs, and pornography are obvious but destructive pitfalls in marriage. When they are not yanked out by the root, they can cause chaos, pain, and both physical and mental separation in a relationship.

5. Issues of the flesh

Issues like pride, selfishness, and stubbornness can severely hurt a marriage. When we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to work on these areas within our own lives, we are putting our marriage at risk.

Hope Found in Christ

If you find yourself struggling with “snakes,” feeling like there’s no way out, remember that the God we serve specializes in the impossible (Matthew 19:26).

Through prayer, repentance, and following the Word of God, you can rid your marital garden of these serpents and cultivate a beautiful relationship that glorifies God. Amen.

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