Why Living Together Before Marriage is a Bad Idea

By Vladimir Savchuk | June 12, 2023 | 3 mins

Why Living Together Before Marriage is a Bad Idea

In our culture, friends with benefits and cohabitation are normal things to hear, but in the Scripture we see that it teaches us another way of doing life prior to marriage. In fact, that way proves to be more fulfilling, here’s why.

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cohabitate

In the 1970s, a mere 0.2% of couples cohabitated. Today, approximately 15% of couples aged 18 to 34 do so. A growing acceptance of cohabitation is evident as 78% of those aged 18 through 29 consider it acceptable for unmarried couples to live together, even without plans for marriage. 41% of Christians approve of cohabitating couples who plan to get married. However, it’s crucial to consider what the Bible says about cohabitation and why it advises waiting until marriage before living together.

Reason 1: Nakedness Reserved for Marriage

Being naked is between a husband and a wife (Genesis 2:24-25). This biblical principle suggests that we should not expose our nakedness to anyone who is not our spouse.

Reason 2: Cohabitation Is a Sin of Fornication

The Bible defines cohabitation as a sin of fornication. In 1 Corinthians 7:2, it’s clear that our sexual expression should be limited to our spouse and not extend to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Cohabiting with someone as though they are your spouse when they are not is viewed as sinful.

Reason 3: Living Together Doesn’t Equal Marriage

According to John 4:17-18, living together does not constitute marriage. Jesus clarifies this point when interacting with a Samaritan woman, indicating that living together does not equate to the commitment and sanctity of marriage.

Reason 4: It Has Negative Consequences on Future Marriage

Research suggests that cohabitating can negatively impact future marital happiness. For instance, the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples who live together before marriage are 46% more likely to divorce after getting married. Furthermore, studies found that relationships tend to be unstable in cohabitation, with only a fraction surviving more than three years. There’s a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, financial instability, and negative impacts on children.

Reason 5: Generational Curses

Exorcist Dr. Bob Larson suggests that cohabitating couples often accumulate a mix of generational curses that can drastically affect their future. Each additional cohabitation adds to the mix of generational evil, contributing to spiritual contamination that becomes difficult to deal with over the years.

Reason 6: Cohabitation Devalues Women

Cohabitating is often more burdensome for women. Women tend to contribute more in terms of goods, work, and effort to the relationship, yet receive less satisfaction from relational commitment and security. Marriage provides a safety net in both finances and physical appearance and therefore offers more security for women and stability for men.

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Final Thoughts

If you are currently cohabitating, it’s crucial to understand that the Bible advises against this practice. If you choose to continue, bear in mind that the Scripture and statistics are not in your favor. Alternatively, I encourage you to find separate living spaces and refrain from having sex until marriage or to could choose to get married quickly, formalize the relationship legally, and then have a formal wedding ceremony later.

In conclusion, cohabitation is not in line with biblical principles and is also statistically unfavorable.

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