Alt. Text for Why Can’t I See God At Work?
Many times when we fast or set some time apart to seek God, it doesn’t feel as though a reward comes right away. In fact, it may even feel harder to seek Him during a fast than on the days when you don’t. But I want to encourage you that God sees when you show up. He sees when you.. read more
Alt. Text for What To Do While You’re Waiting on God
After His resurrection, Jesus gives His disciples a promise and tells them to wait in Jerusalem. Now keep in mind that most of Jesus’s disciples were from Galilee, not Jerusalem. Their lives, their homes, and perhaps even some of their family, were back home in Galilee. They had been in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas because that’s where Jesus was.. read more
Alt. Text for What Causes Miracles?
Have you ever read the stories of men of God who have led great revivals or saw great miracles? Do you know what many of them had in common? A deep devotion to prayer. I believe that before God prepares people to do great wonders through them, He first takes them deeper in sanctification. When Joshua was about to cross.. read more
Alt. Text for When Do Demons Come Back With 7 More?
I’ve often heard the question, “Can demons come back with 7 more once I’m delivered?” First what every person must understand is that the spiritual world is real and all physical problems have their roots connected to the spiritual realm. Demons live to wage war against humanity. Every day we feel the pressure of that warfare through the evil we.. read more
Alt. Text for What To Do When You Don’t Feel God
Have you ever questioned why you don’t feel God? Or why you’ve felt “nothing” for weeks no matter how often or how long you pray or attend church? This is called a spiritual wilderness; it’s where our feelings fade, emotions evaporate, doubts surface, and senses fail. The wilderness can’t be avoided, even for Spirit-filled people. Jesus faced the wilderness after.. read more


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