Learn to Thrive When Seasons Shift

By Vladimir Savchuk | May 13, 2024 | 5 mins

Learn to Thrive When Seasons Shift

When we look at the story of Joshua in the Bible, we see a powerful example of how God helps us transition from one season of our lives to another. If you’re in the middle of a transition, here are a few practical mindset shifts that will help you as you walk through this time.

10 Truths About Seasons

1. New Season, New Shaking

When we enter a new season, it’s common to experience a “shaking.” This was true for Joshua as he took over leadership after Moses (Joshua 1:2). Though it was a scary time for him, God reassured Joshua that He would remain with him, just as He had with Moses. During this time, lean on God’s grace to face the new challenge.

2. New Season, New Supply

Secondly, as our season changes, often our provision changes as well (Joshua 5:12). For the Israelites entering Canaan, the manna that was constant suddenly ceased and they had to start eating the land’s produce. In the same way, when financial doors close, don’t fear and stop believing God’s promise. Instead, step into the promised land by faith.

3. New Season, New Spirit

Next, it’s important to understand that transitioning into a new season will require a new mindset. We see in Numbers 14:24 that when confronted with a challenge, the attitude that Caleb and Joshua had was different than the other Israelites. Only 2 of them were willing to follow the Lord’s leading in full faith and trust at God’s word.

Your response and attitude in this transition matters. You can’t enter a new season with the old mindset or you’ll contaminate it.

4. New Season, New Sacrifice

Each new season demands its own sacrifices. In this story we see that the Israelites were told to dedicate the spoils of Jericho to God (Joshua 6:19). This served to remind them of who had led them into victory in the first place. I want to encourage you to put God first during this time. Make it your aim to place Him first in your day, in your week, and in your finances.

5. New Season, New Sanctification

In new seasons, sanctification—or setting ourselves apart for God—is crucial. Joshua commanded the Israelites to sanctify themselves because God was about to perform wonders among them (Joshua 3:5). During this time, allow God to sift your heart. It’s not always about getting rid of what’s visible to others, but about allowing God to remove the things that are hidden deeply in our hearts, hidden from people’s sight.

6. New Season, New Strategy

Adapting our strategies to new challenges is vital. Joshua changed his military tactics as he asked the Lord for direction (Joshua 8:2). This should remind us of the importance of seeking God’s guidance for fresh strategies to address new challenges. You’ll often find in seasonal shifts that what has worked in the past might not work in this new season. Seek Him for a guidance.

7. New Season, New Subduing

In new seasons, we must move from deliverance to dominion. Like the Israelites who had to fight to possess their land, we must engage actively in our battles, trusting God to equip us for victory (Joshua 1:3).

8. New Season, New Speech

Our words play a powerful role in how we navigate new seasons and what we subdue. Joshua was instructed to keep God’s law on his lips (Joshua 1:8). Similarly, what the sword was for Joshua, the Word of God is for us. Spend time in the word of God. Let the Word of God renew your thinking and your words; and, begin to declare in faith what you are believing for this new season.

9. New Season, New Steps

Next, we must understand that taking steps of faith is crucial in this season. In Joshua 3:13, we see that the priests stepped into the Jordan before it parted. This represents how we must be willing to take steps of faith, trusting that when we do, God’s signs and wonders will follow our step of faith in obedience to His word.

10. New Season, New Stewardship

And lastly, new seasons will require new levels of stewardship for us. We see in Joshua 18:10 that Joshua managed the Promised Land that they had stepped into. In the same manner, we must wisely manage the blessings and responsibilities God gives us, only then will God entrust us with more. Often, it’s the mismanagement of God’s blessings that can cause them to stop flowing. 

I pray that as the Lord leads you into a new season, that you would lean on Him in trust with faith, knowing that there is nothing impossible when God is with you.

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