Holy Spirit

Alt. Text for A Brief History of Spiritual Revival and Awakening in America
June 30, 2015 in Patrick Morley Blog In describing what happened in Jonathan Edward’s Northampton, Massachusetts church in 1734, observers said, “It pleased God…to display his free and sovereign mercy in the conversion of a great multitude of souls in a short space of time, turning them from a formal, cold, and careless profession of Christianity, to the lively exercise of every Christian grace,.. read more
Alt. Text for Talk to the Holy Spirit
Many of us have been told that we have to walk in the Spirit. In fact, we read about that in Scripture. But many people don’t know where to begin. The truth is that in order to walk in the Spirit we must start talking to the Spirit. The Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit wants to have fellowship.. read more
Alt. Text for Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
When I was young, I used to struggle with intrusive thoughts because I was ignorant of what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit meant. I lived in condemnation and in a state of being overly obsessed with making sure not to say anything against Him. The enemy took advantage of my ignorance, often filling my mind with these overwhelming thoughts of.. read more
Alt. Text for The Difference The Holy Spirit Can Make
It is one thing to study or read about the Holy Spirit, but it is another when He encounters you. It’s like the difference between studying the features of a lion in a book, vs a real lion staring you in the face. They are completely different things. Many people spend time studying the Holy Spirit, but never develop a.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Know the Holy Spirit
Many times, as humans, we are searching for things to fill the voids in life that can only be found in the person of the Holy Spirit. If you’re a Christian, the Holy Spirit—who is the maker of galaxies and the universe—lives inside of you.  Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood person of the Triune Godhead, often being.. read more
Alt. Text for Who Is The Holy Spirit?
Have you ever wanted to get to know the Holy Spirit? When we take some time to study Scripture, we are able to see the truth about who the Holy Spirit is. In the book of John, we see that the Holy Spirit has a personality; He is not merely an impersonal force. In chapters 14, 15, and 16, Jesus.. read more
Alt. Text for 6 Benefits of Intimacy With the Holy Spirit
All Christians have a relationship with the Holy Spirit but not all Christians have intimacy with Him. There is a difference between a relationship and intimacy. You have a relationship with friends and family but you should only be intimate with your spouse. A relationship with the Holy Spirit comes through salvation. However, intimacy only comes through the surrender of.. read more
Alt. Text for 4 Things That Kill Your Fire For God
In my fourteen years of ministering to youth, I noticed four things that kill the fire inside me. Offense, disappointment, busyness, and materialism. .. read more
Alt. Text for How To Speak In Tongues
For those who say, “The gift of tongues doesn’t belong to me,” then my question would be, ‘does edification belong to you as a Christian?’ Of course, it does. It is the will of God for every believer to speak in tongues. I want to shed insight on the differences between 2 types of tongues – one for private edification.. read more
Alt. Text for Did You Know This About The Holy Spirit?
Who is the Holy Spirit according to Scripture? Why do believers need Him? He plays an important role in the life of the Christian, leading us to salvation and being our partner in this life. However, many Christians lack a proper understanding of the privilege that it is to host the Spirit of God. I want to break down 3.. read more


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