The Importance of Biblical Meditation

The Importance of Biblical Meditation

The Bible mentions meditation 23 times; 19 of them appear in the Psalms. A man after God’s heart, David, knew the power of meditation. He wrote more about it than anyone else.  Jesus told us to abide in him as a branch abides in the vine (Reference John 15:1-8)....

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How to Pursue Sexual Purity

How to Pursue Sexual Purity

“Purity is freedom from adulteration or contamination” as defined by dictionary. Or “freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual desire.” It’s being innocent, clean, unmixed, spotless, genuine, sincere, absolute. Free from guilt and free from mixture. We must...

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Do I Have a Demon If I Have Nightmares?

Being attacked in a dream is not a sign that you have demons. But the enemy loves to use nightmares to bring confusion and fear into our life so that when we are in our conscious state, we give him that open door to traumatize us.

From Influence to Impact

God wants you to build people through your platform, not use the people to make your platform bigger.

5 Lessons From My Dog

God said that Caleb was a man who wholly followed God. Word “Caleb” actually translates to dog. Like a dog Caleb was fully after his owner. A dog’s absolute joy is to be near his master.

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