How to Self-Publish a Book?

How to Self-Publish a Book?

With the ascent of Amazon and social media‚ especially for someone who has a message and an audience to share with‚ there are more efficient and speedier ways to get your message out; then going through a traditional publishing house. Most publishers will not even...

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5 Reasons Why I Decided to Write Books

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Write Books

There’s a well-known story of an expert, who was called by a company to look at their manufacturing system. The system had broken down, and everything was at a standstill. When the expert arrived, he carried nothing but a little black bag. Silently he walked around...

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10 Keys to Dealing with Difficult People

Whether you’re in ministry or on a job, married or in school, you will always be around people. Learning to relate to people is one of the greatest skills you can develop in your lifetime. And, learning to deal with difficult people is one of the greatest secrets to lasting success and happiness.

Do I Have a Demon If I Have Nightmares?

Being attacked in a dream is not a sign that you have demons. But the enemy loves to use nightmares to bring confusion and fear into our life so that when we are in our conscious state, we give him that open door to traumatize us.

Beginners Guide to Fasting

When Jesus taught on fasting, He would say “When you fast” not “If you fast”. He assumed that we would fast.

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