Why I Wrote “FIGHT BACK”?

by Sep 28, 2020Book

The first book I wrote, Break Free, focused on how to get free and stay free from Satan’s power. Most of the book emphasized the reality of the spiritual realm and how to obtain freedom through Jesus. Break Free has been translated into several languages and I have received many amazing testimonies from all over the world of healing, freedom, and salvation.

In this current book, I want to build on that foundation of deliverance and to go one step further, showing that God’s ultimate goal is not just deliverance but dominion. As a pastor, I lead the Hungry Generation Church where we pray for healing and deliverance every week. Once a year, we hold an international conference called Raised to Deliver where people come from all around the world to receive their touch from Jesus.

However, my heart is broken for the folks who get delivered but don’t learn how to walk in victory, and soon they’re back again seeking deliverance. They constantly feel like there is more that needs to be cast out of them. I don’t want to downplay the need for a total, complete deliverance; I want to highlight the importance of walking in victory as the only way people can get their full deliverance.

Instead of moving from deliverance to deliverance, God intended for us to move from deliverance to dominion. Let’s take Israel for example. God didn’t plan for them to keep going back to Egypt for more deliverance after things got hard in the wilderness. Instead, led by the cloud each day and by fire at night, God expected them to move forward to become fearless soldiers.

God was not just taking slaves out of the land of bondage, but He was leading them to conquer the land of promise. Israel was tempted to go back to Egypt many times. They talked about it, complained about it, and even threatened God and Moses about it. At times, life in bondage seemed better than a life of freedom in the desert. They failed to understand that even though freedom is free, learning to walk in victory takes time, effort, adjusting, and training.

This is an excerpt from my book Fight Back

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