7 Reasons Why They Left

By Vladimir Savchuk | April 8, 2024 | 3 mins

7 Reasons Why They Left

I believe that every person goes through a transitional season in life where joy, tears, pain, and even heartbreak can take place. This is especially true when relationships are broken, lost, or at times introduced.

If you find yourself wondering why some people have been removed from your life, these are a few of the most common reasons.

Why They May Have Left

1. Your Season Has Changed

The Bible says that when Moses died and manna stopped, it was time for Joshua to step into the Promised Land (Joshua 1:2). In other words, sometimes a person leaving is God’s way of notifying us that we are stepping into a new season.

2. They (Place or People) Have Become Toxic

In Exodus 1:11, we see that Egypt was a place of provision for Israel at one time, but soon it became a place of pain and as a result, they needed to leave. Similarly, there are times when God will remove people out of your life because the connection you have with them is no longer helpful, or the place you are in is causing more harm than good.

3. You Are Being Pruned for More Fruit

John 15:2 says that we are pruned in order to bear more fruit. Sometimes relationships must be stripped away from us in order for us to be more effective in the area where God is leading us into.

4. They Block Your Vision

A great example of this is found in Genesis 13:14, when Lot separates from Abraham. The word “Lot” actually means veil, and I find it interesting that after the separation, Abraham is able to receive God’s direction clearly. Often, the same can happen with us after we lose certain relationships.

5. They Have Become an Idol

Another reason for the loss of a relationship could be that you came to rely on them more than you relied on God, turning them into an idol in your heart. We see in Judges 7:2 that God didn’t use Gideon until people left.

When they leave, it’s time to advance, not retreat.

6. God Has Another Plan For Them

Another example is found in Exodus 4:18. Here we see that Moses left his father-in-law’s house because Moses had an assignment to fulfill that required him to leave the house of Jethro (Exodus 4:18).

Sometimes it is no other reason than God leading them in a different direction and we must be at peace with that.

7. God Wants to Bring Someone Else

Lastly, we see in Scripture that the disciples had become familiar and comfortable with Jesus. They loved being able to talk, walk, and eat with Him. However, in John 16:7 He tells them that it is necessary for Him to leave in order for the Holy Spirit to come.

In the same way, at times it is to our advantage that some people be removed so God can introduce others that are meant to take us further in our walk with Him.

I hope these reasons brought some clarity to any questions that you may have been struggling with. May God usher you into your new season with grace and blessing.

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