Trusting God Through Our Trials

By Vladimir Savchuk | August 14, 2023 | 3 mins

Trusting God Through Our Trials

God often tests us by placing us in positions that seem less significant than our potential, anointing, or calling. This isn’t an oversight or misunderstanding on His part; instead, it’s an intentional strategy God uses to shape our character and cultivate our trust in Him.

The Testing Ground of Potential

Consider Joseph, whose story unfolds in the book of Genesis. In Psalm 105:17-19, we read, “He sent a man before them, Joseph, who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with fetters, he was laid in irons. Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him.”

Joseph’s journey from being the favored son to a slave and then a prisoner was a series of trials. All the abuse and pain he endured wasn’t just a result of the people that surrounded Him. Instead, we see Scripture state that the Word of the Lord was testing him through these these adversities that he was faced with.

God’s Trust Varies, His Love Does Not

Reflecting on my own family dynamic might help to explain this concept. My parents loved all five of us siblings equally, but they didn’t trust us all to the same extent. As the oldest, I was often accused by my younger siblings of having preferential treatment. However, what I understood early on was that to enjoy certain privileges, it wasn’t enough to be loved by my parents; I had to earn their trust.

This plays out in our relationship with God as well. He loves each one of us equally, but the level of trust He places in each of us varies. This trust isn’t based on random choice but is built over time through our faithfulness and obedience during trials and tests.

Trust Earned Through Testing

To develop trust, God sometimes places us in challenging circumstances. He might put us in positions that feel smaller than our potential, just like Joseph, or He might allow us to face jealousy, false accusations, and rejection. These trials aren’t meant to harm us, but to test us and, through that, build trust.

Sometimes, the test comes in the form of temptation, as it did for Joseph when Potipar’s wife tried to seduce him. The test was not only about resisting sin but also about proving that Joseph could be trusted with greater things.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, God’s tests are meant to refine us and build trust. They are not a punishment but a process designed to bring out the best in us. When we face trials and temptations, let’s remember that God is watching, not to catch us failing, but hoping to see us stand firm so He can trust us with more.

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Remember, the greater the test, the greater the trust!

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