Reading Plan

Alt. Text for <strong>How to Stay on Fire for God</strong>
As followers of Jesus, we cannot be close to God without our hearts being connected to Him; and our hearts will not connect to Him if our treasure leads us elsewhere. If you find that your fire for God has been dwindling or is non-existent in comparison to when you first believed in Jesus, this reading plan can give you.. read more
Alt. Text for Setting Boundaries for Toxic People
In order to make sure we are healthy emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even spiritually, it is important to set up boundaries with people. You cannot blame difficult people for your unhappiness if you first don’t place healthy boundaries for yourself. Learn more about it in this reading plan... read more
Alt. Text for How to Overcome Lust
Many people have a hidden battle with lust and the enemy thrives in secrecy. When I was younger I battled with lust and pornography, until I experienced God’s freedom. If you have been struggling with lust, true freedom is possible. Learn how to overcome it in this plan... read more
Alt. Text for Fast Forward: 21 Day Fasting Plan
Fasting is not starvation or an involuntary absence of food; it is abstaining from food for spiritual reasons. Fasting is not a hunger strike, and it is not a diet—a diet focuses on helping you lose weight, while fasting draws you closer to God. This is a great devotional use as you fast... read more
Alt. Text for How to Know the Holy Spirit
In life, we search for something more to fill the void in our souls. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can fully fill and satisfy that void. Unfortunately, many people keep the Holy Spirit distant and are afraid of His power. As Christians, we have the privilege to access the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus into our.. read more
Alt. Text for How To Hear God’s Voice
As we go through life there are many voices that can influence our behavior, thoughts, and even the direction we take. Among those voices speaking to us is God, the devil, people, our families, and our own thoughts. The words you listen to begin to shape who you are and the decisions you make. More than any other distraction God.. read more
Alt. Text for Developing a Great Prayer Life
Every Christian is supposed to live a life of prayer. As many men of God have talked about in the past, those who sin are often those who have stopped praying; prayer is the one thing that chokes out the sin in our hearts. Learn how to develop your prayer life according to what the Bible teaches so you can.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Overcome Depression
Depression is rising and it is rampant in our generation. It is a mood disorder characterized by extreme sadness, poor concentration, sleep problems, and a loss of appetite. It often results in feelings of guilt and hopelessness. As unfortunate as it is, it can happen to anyone, even great men in the Bible. This plan has practical steps to follow.. read more
Alt. Text for 6 Cues to Find Your Calling
People often ask, “How do I know what I am called to do?” With this plan, I want to explain how there is a general will of God for every Christian, and this general will of God involves: following Jesus, forsaking sin, and winning souls. However, as you continue partaking in God’s general will for your life as a believer,.. read more
Alt. Text for Beginner’s Guide to Fasting
The practice of fasting is prevalent in the Scriptures. We see throughout the Bible this concept was practiced by kings, prophets, and all of God’s people to this day. As you fast, you’ll notice it will help increase your humility, your hunger, and your holiness as you are formed into the image of Christ... read more


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