How to Overcome Offenses

By Vladimir Savchuk | March 28, 2022 | 5 mins

How to Overcome Offenses

Do you find that you often get offended by things people have said or done to you? What do you do with your hurt feelings? How long does it take you to get over those negative thoughts and self-pity?

An offense can take root when what you perceive to be an insult or disregard turns into resentment. In the Bible, this word is referred to as “skandalon” which means a trap, snare, or stumbling block. Satan desires to use the trap of offenses to keep a believer from moving forward in his walk with Christ.

An offense seems subtle enough when it occurs, but it must be dealt with quickly and deliberately. It can have a hugely detrimental effect on your emotional well-being and your future relationship with that other person. Generally, offenses will grow in your mind if not rebuked.

In a Biblical context, an offense is considered a bait or an enticement that leads to a broken relationship, or maybe even revenge. For this very reason, as a believer, it is essential that you do not fall into the trap of offense, regardless of any circumstance. This applies to whether you have actually been mistreated or you only presume that you have been mistreated. Satan wants to use an offense as a means to ruin your social life, spiritual walk, and ministry.

Now, the truth is:

  1. We are unable to avoid encountering offenses
  2. You are able to avoid causing offenses
  3. You will only go as far in life as the extent of your ability to overcome offenses

You will only go as far in life as your ability to overcome offenses.

You may be wondering, “okay, how do I overcome offenses since I am unable to avoid encountering them?”

First, ask yourself these questions and see if they describe you:

  • Am I someone who feels entitled? Do I feel as though I am owed something in life?
  • Am I proud in any way?
  • Do I feel as though I have been treated unfairly because I was overlooked or not recognized for my gifts, talents, or anointings?
  • Do I feel as though I am owed respect?
  • Do I have a desire to be in control?
  • Do I expect everyone to respect my opinions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you fit the profile of an offended person. Yes, you may have been mistreated or overlooked in some way, but the above profile does not match the profile of a humble servant whom Jesus called us to be.

We have been called to lay down our lives while the world tells us to hold on to them.

Practical Tips to Overcome Offense:

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:18).

  1. Desire to come after Jesus. Jesus tells us to desire to follow Him and not want to have people follow us.
  2. Deny yourself. We have to want to know God and to do His will in our lives more than we desire to do our own will. Following Him and surrendering to Him in this area will help us as we deal with offenses.
  3. Discipline yourself in carrying your cross. Hardships will come with your calling in life and with being a Christian. However, we are to endure and develop a thick skin towards hardships. We have to discipline ourselves in our walk with Jesus in order to overcome the world and the flesh. Choose to pray, even when you don’t feel like it. Choose to spend time in devotion to God regardless of your circumstances. Read your Bible and meditate on it.
  4. Devote yourself to Jesus again. Don’t let Satan distract your devotion to Jesus through offenses. If you have shut Jesus out of your life because of an offense, don’t allow the devil to fill you with shame which may keep you from running back to Him. Choose to start all over again if necessary.
  5. Deal with the roots. If you find that you are someone who is easily offended, ask the Lord to reveal any roots that may be feeding your negative feelings. You need to make some hard decisions to forgive or break soul-ties, and in doing so, you will find healing for your heart.
  6. Deliverance. Offenses can build strongholds which create an open door for demons to enter your life. Make sure you are on guard against any tactic the enemy wants to use to gain entrance into your life. Seek deliverance, or spiritual help from mentors or other Christians around you.

An offense is a trap of Satan to lure you into a life bound by him.

An offense is a trap of Satan to lure you into a life bound by him.

If you find yourself offended, give your feelings to God immediately and ask Him to help you to forgive. The sooner you take authority over your negative feelings and release them, the sooner He will empower you to continue walking out a life similar to His.

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