4 Signs It’s Time to Move On

By Vladimir Savchuk | November 13, 2023 | 3 mins

4 Signs It’s Time to Move On

In our spiritual journeys, finding the right church or Christian community where we feel at home and grow in faith is crucial. However, there are times when we might encounter signs indicating it’s time to move on to a new environment. Here are a few indicators to help you decide if it’s time to gracefully leave a church or the community you find yourself in.

Signs That It’s Time to Leave

1. The have a different doctrine.

When a church or group you’re part of believes things that are way different from what you believe, especially about doctrinal topics, it’s a sign you might need to leave. Paul in the Bible had a big argument about this in Acts 15:2. If what they believe doesn’t match the main Christian beliefs, it’s okay to leave that church and find a place that fits better with your faith.

2. There are personal disagreements.

Sometimes, you might leave a group not because of what they believe, but how they do things. Paul and Barnabas split up over this kind of disagreement (Acts 15:39-40). If you strongly disagree with how things are done in your church, and it’s not about pride or being offended, it might be a sign to find a new church.

I pray that you keep your heart full of love. Don’t gossip about that ministry; don’t try to destroy it because you disagree with their methods.

3. It is dry.

If the place where you used to grow spiritually feels dry now, like Elijah’s brook in 1 Kings 17:7-9, it could be time to move on. This isn’t about being bored or not liking the church anymore. It’s about feeling that God is telling you it’s time to leave that church because you’re not growing there anymore.

4. You have a different destiny.

Sometimes, God has a different plan for you, like He did for Jacob in Genesis 31:1-3. In this story, we see that God’s destiny for Jacob was not in Laban’s house. There was a time when God led him out of there and that was God’s will. You might realize the place you’re in now is not where you’re meant to be forever. If you feel God is guiding you to a new place, even if it’s scary, it’s important to listen and be ready to move.

Leaving the Right Way

When you decide to leave a church or group, do it honorably.

Talk to the leaders honestly, tell them what the Lord has been placing on your heart or the reasoning why you want to leave. Also, don’t spread bad stuff about the church. Don’t talk about the other ministry once you leave, otherwise, you’ll contaminate your new season.

How you leave matters. If you feel as though the Lord is guiding you out of that place, then leave the past behind and start fresh in your new place.

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