5 Stages of Manhood

by Feb 10, 2021Maturity

You are male by birth, but man by choice. The worse dilemma in our generation is that boys became husbands. And even worse, many boys became fathers. Just because a guy can get a woman pregnant, doesn’t mean he is a man, it only proves he is male. Women want men, not boys! Nations need men, not boys!

There are five stages of development of every man:

  1. We are born MALE (it’s a gender issue)
  2. We become BOYS (boys like toys)
  3. We grow to become a MAN
  4. We get married and become a HUSBAND
  5. We graduate to becoming a FATHER

​Don’t skip these stages if you want to be successful. If you’re a guy, single or married, your pursuit must be to be a better man. If you’re a good man, you will be a good husband and father. You can not be a good husband or father without first being a good man.

Real men don’t play the blame game. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions. They work on their character, not just their reputation. Their word is their bond. They are tough but not rough. They are not those who abuse woman, but warriors who protect them. They don’t get distracted with imperfections of their earthly father; rather, they draw validation from their perfect Heavenly Dad. And the list goes on…

Jesus was the real man. Every guy who wants to be a man needs to model THE MAN.

​Let’s be men!!!


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