20 Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

By Vladimir Savchuk | February 29, 2024 | 4 mins

20 Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

One of the best questions a husband can ask his wife, “Do you feel loved by me?” What’s surprising is that although many husbands say they love their wives, the wives often don’t “feel” loved by them.

The Bible teaches in Ephesians 5:25, that husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the Church. But how can you make sure your wife truly feels loved? Here are 20 practical tips to help husbands express their love to their wives in creative but practical ways.

Simple Acts of Love

  1. Buy Her Flowers: Regularly surprise her with flowers to show your affection and thoughtfulness. This helps to spark the love and passion in our marriage.
  2. Take Her Out on a Date: Dedicate time for just the two of you. Date your wife by pursuing her again. You may not be able to do it weekly, but prioritize it in your marriage.
  3. Open the Car Door: This gesture shows respect and care for her now, not just when you were dating.
  4. Load the Dishes: Helping with the dishes can make your wife feel loved and supported, even if it’s not her “love-language”.
  5. Be Her Photographer Without Complaining: When your wife wants a picture, take many with a smile. Admire her beauty. It shows you cherish the memories you’re making together.
  6. Compliment Her on Her Looks and Her Character: Let her know you find her beautiful inside and out and appreciate her qualities. She desires to be told by you. Your good thoughts toward her only bless her if you vocalize them.
  7. Take Out the Garbage: Share in the small responsibilities. It’s another way to demonstrate your commitment to your home and your family.
  8. Make It a Habit to Lift the Toilet Seat When Using It and Lower It Afterward: Men, this is self-explanatory.
  9. Hold Her Hand in Public: Pursue her by intentionally being romantic even with small gestures.
  10. Go for a Walk Without Your Phone: Choose moments where you can give her your undivided attention. It will make her feel more connected to you.
  11. Kiss Her More and Hug Her Without Expecting Sex: Show affection without expecting anything in return. It reminds her that you’re happy to be doing life with her.
  12. Share With Each Other About Your Day, Not Just in Bullet Points, But Also Share Your Feelings: When you open up and give details about your day, it makes your wife feel loved and more involved in your world.
  13. Remember Birthdays and Anniversaries: Use reminders on apps if you need. This is a huge one.
  14. Listen to Understand, Not Just to Respond: Although it’s easy for men to come up with solutions, sometimes your wife just needs you to try and understand how she feels.
  15. Pray for Your Wife: You truly love someone when you take the time to pray for them. Show your wife love by taking time to pray for her.
  16. Share With Your Wife What the Lord Spoke to You During Your Quiet Time: Sharing what the Lord has been showing you brings a sense of security to your wife knowing you’re leading the home.
  17. Renew Your Marriage Vows Every Ten Years: This reaffirms your commitment and love, and tells her that you’d choose her all over again.
  18. Help Your Wife Pursue Her Calling: Support her dreams and encourage her to pursue her calling.
  19. Support Her Family and Your In-Laws: Show love for her family, and if possible, find ways to support them (spiritually, financially, or physically).
  20. Provide for Her Financially: If possible, provide in such a way that she has the option to focus on the family without the stress of needing to work.

Bonus: Don’t spend too much time with single guys. Spend time with married folk that can encourage your marriage.

In marriage, love is an ongoing commitment to each other’s happiness, growth, and well-being. By practicing these 20 ways to show love to your wife, you create a deeper, more meaningful connection that reflects the love that Christ has for the church.

Remember, it’s the consistent, everyday actions that build a life of love.

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