7 Steps For Dealing With Loss

By Vladimir Savchuk | August 19, 2021 | 5 mins

7 Steps For Dealing With Loss

With all that we are experiencing in the world, it is impossible to go through this life without experiencing loss of some sort. Loss does not solely refer to the loss of a loved one. Today, there are people experiencing the loss of their business, a relationship, an opportunity, or loss in other areas that feel painful and challenging.

There is no explanation that I can give to help you understand the “why” of your suffering. However, I do believe God teaches us in His Word how to go through certain losses.

Many understand the steps that need to be taken to succeed and “win” in life, but very few know what to do when they experience a loss.

I hope to teach you the steps of how to lose properly, according to Scripture.

What David Teaches Us About Suffering

In 2 Samuel 12:15-20, David had a child who was sick. He pleaded, fasted, and prayed all day and night for seven days.

The Bible goes on to say that David knew the child would die. Even with that, he chose to fast and pray because he believed in the merciful nature of God. David’s response when he was told his child had died is the template for loss that we must follow.

When tragedy hit David’s home, he didn’t say, “this is God’s will..” and choose to give up. The Bible shows us that when faced with this problem, David used the tools he had to fight – prayer and fasting.

When a problem hits your house, don’t surrender to the problem – resist it.

It is God’s will for you to live, and be healed, and prosper. In order to fight, you must first know God’s will and be ready to do what it takes.

David’s Template For Loss

1. David got up from the ground.

When faced with suffering, stand in what you know, don’t lay in what you feel.

The reality is that feelings change. During the difficult times of life, rely more on His Word than your feelings. As a Christian, stand on the foundation of God’s truth.

Make a choice to believe God and His unchanging character.

2. David washed himself.

There are lies of the enemy that will stick to you when you are experiencing loss. During painful moments lies can creep in, and emotions can overwhelm our thoughts. If we don’t wash ourselves in God’s Word, we will carry things into the next season of our lives which should have stayed behind.

Don’t wait for God to wash you; wash yourself with His Word.

3. David anointed himself.

David made a decision to anoint himself, which signified the oil of gladness (Psalm 45:7). Understand that joy doesn’t come upon you in difficult situations; you have to choose it.

It’s important to note that, joy and happiness are not the same things. Happiness is a product of your external circumstances, but joy is a product of your internal decision.

The Bible teaches us that in His presence there is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). God expects us to rejoice in the Lord always because His joy is our strength. True joy can only be found when we run to find comfort in Him (prayer).

4. David changed his clothes.

Changing your clothes means to change your confession. Don’t curse your future because of your present.

Whenever you are going through a difficult season, be sure to line your confession up with God’s Word.

Memorize God’s promises for your life and learn to live by God’s Word.

5. David went to the house of God.

David didn’t just go to church and fold his arms. While he was there, he worshiped. Learn the art of worship in the midst of your warfare.

Remember that an umbrella doesn’t prevent the rain from pouring down, but it stops the rain from hitting you.

In the same manner, worship protects you in the trials.

6. David ate.

Eat God’s Word.

When you can’t find answers in the Bible, read it to find the strength.

I encourage you, when you are going through a loss, instead of heading to the Bible solely to look for answers on why you might be going through that trail, shift your focus.

Go to the Bible not to find answers, but to find God.

He will help you find peace amidst whatever trail you might be facing.

Read my blog: Biblical Meditation

7. David comforted his wife.

The Bible does not say that somebody comforted David. He, however, was able to comfort his wife.

When you follow the Bible’s template for dealing with loss, one day you will find yourself around someone who is hurting as much as you are, and God will give you the comfort to comfort them with (2 Corinthians 1:4). 

When We Follow God’s Template

We never know what happens as a result of the suffering we endure. One thing we do notice in the Bible is what happened to David.

In David’s life, after this reaction to the loss of his child, he was given a child named Solomon.

When we heal properly, we are able to say how good God has been through our difficulties. As a result of that healing, you will no longer be bitter. Instead, you will stand in awe of God’s faithfulness.

And you will soon notice that the trail you once faced, will turn into a testimony that will help build someone else.

If you handle your losses correctly, they can turn into wins.

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