Is Yoga Demonic?

By Vladimir Savchuk | January 17, 2022 | 5 mins

Is Yoga Demonic?

Is yoga something to be concerned about as a Christian? Or is it just another thing that some hyper-religious Christians think could be demonic?

Although many practice yoga merely for its physical benefits on the body, the root of this exercise is deeply spiritual and could have a profound effect on the soul. In this blog, I want to share a basic understanding of the spiritual roots of yoga and why it might be wise to stay away from it as a Christian.

What Is Yoga?

“Yoga” means to be “yoked with” or “united with,” which is a concept taught in ancient Hindu texts (the Vedas). In those texts, it talks about being “yoked with the universal consciousness” and the “merging one’s soul with the divine.” The Vedas were written by the ancient sages who were said to have received a divine revelation about the discipline of yoga and how to merge one’s soul with the universal consciousness, called the “Brahma.” This is how the poses or postures as well as the strict discipline came about. The ancient sages who created these poses were not under “divine revelation,” but rather a demonic spirit that was influencing them to create this spiritual discipline leading people to believe salvation does not come through Jesus Christ.

Most people who partake in yoga are unaware of this deep spiritual connection, nor do they have any actual desire to achieve universal consciousness. Instead, they practice yoga primarily for stretching, physical exercise, and even mental health. Pursuing these things in and of itself is a great thing, but pursuing it under the covering of yoga is where it becomes extremely dangerous. Not only is yoga anti-biblical and anti-Christian, but it can also result in extreme demonization.

Yoga in Hinduism and The New Age

Many of the yoga poses and sequences are used to worship specific Hindu gods and goddesses, such as Shakti, Shiva, Ganesha, the moon, and the sun. The true religion of yoga is about so much more than just physical stretching. It deals heavily with meditation, trying to improve one’s thinking, and trying to find one’s ‘inner light’. This also connects yoga to new age spirituality, which appears to be compatible with Christianity, but in reality, it is 100% against Christian beliefs and principles.

Westernized yoga is a New Age practice and is one of the fastest-growing physical exercise activities and spiritualities in the world.

Dangers of Yoga Practices

If you are doing yoga, you are opening doors to demons whose aim is to get into your mind, slowly lead you away from your devotion to Christ, and ultimately attempt to take your soul.

Certain types of yoga, such as Bhakti yoga, require one to chant and summon Hindu gods and goddesses—worshiping them. This is idolatry and sin in the eyes of God. Involving yourself in this practice is an instant open door to your soul because doing so gives a legal right to these demonic powers.

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that invokes an “energy” or “force” that coils up a person’s spine. It is thought to activate enlightenment, achieve soul activation, and bring harmony between all of the person’s chakras. However, this is not an energy or force, but a spirit. People who have practiced this kind of yoga are often delivered from a snake spirit that they have allowed to enter them.

People often practice yoga to find what they are unknowingly seeking – Jesus.

Sadly, people often practice yoga to find what they are unknowingly seeking Christ. They are deceived into thinking they are connecting to the source of peace. Many people involved in yoga are seeking true love, but little do they know that God is love (1 John 4). Jesus is the true answer they’re looking for.  He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

Concluding Thoughts

If you are a Christian reading this, and you are still unsure about the practice of yoga being demonic, my recommendation is to stop.

Yoga is often marketed as a modality for increased productivity, healing, joy, happiness, and peace of mind. So often people get into yoga and are uneasy about continuing, but soon enough they start seeing “results” that convince them this is the answer to their problem.

You should not be seeking these things from yoga; you should seek them from Jesus Christ, from church, from prayer, and meditation on God’s Word.

You can find a great, healthy practice of stretching at home or in an exercise class that is not under the covering of yoga or under teachers who may, unconsciously or consciously, be aware of its spiritual elements. You need to get involved in an exercise routine that is beneficial for your health and body which can alleviate the stress but that is not spiritually related to occult practices.

Satan also has the power to bring about results in people’s lives only to lead many away from Christ. It is very easy for the devil to use yoga to lure you away.

Remember, good intentions with deception can lead to destruction!

Good intentions with deception can lead to destruction.

This content is from an ex-certified yoga instructor, Everett Roeth.
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