A Visit to Heaven

By Vladimir Savchuk | January 12, 2024 | 3 mins

A Visit to Heaven

Don Piper's Story

Death on the Bridge

In January 1989 I was on my way to church from a pastor’s conference.

It was a cold, rainy day. I was ready to get home. I was alone, and I was crossing a narrow bridge when a tractor-trailer truck, 18 wheeler, ran over me and killed me instantly.

I died there on the bridge.

I was prepared for death, but wasn’t planning to die.

I was immediately at the gates of heaven. No tunnel.

The Gates of Heaven

I was standing at one of the twelve gates of heaven, and it looked like the inside of an oyster. It seemed living. Heaven is so brilliant. At that moment, I was surrounded by people who had known me in life. They were sent to greet me. I saw my grandfather first. He extended his arms to me saying, “Welcome home, Donny.” 

They knew I was coming.

I didn’t see any children.  I believe we will all be … ageless. We age because of sin, but in heaven we will be ageless.

I could see the people inside, and I could see thrones inside the city. I wanted to go to Jesus.  But I never got a chance to get that close.

Pastor Vlad: Were you aware of time?

No, I couldn’t tell time, and there was no night; it was just brilliant. I don’t think there is any time in heaven. 

However, it was ninety minutes on earth.

Pastor Vlad: Tell us about the music.

It’s my most vivid memory of heaven. I brought it back with me. I hear it all the time–thousands of songs at the same time, but they all fit together. They were magnificent. The music permeated you. It went through you!

God likes music.

The music is very vivid to me and I carry it with me day and night until I can hear it again in heaven.

The experience in Heaven was also a sensory explosion. When I noticed the angles, some had six wings, some two, some none.

You could see, hear, and smell all the aromas. All the senses are heightened exponentially.

The gate was like one magnificent pearl.  A really enormous pearl with a remarkably small entrance – just enough for one person to go through.

Just as I was going through the gate it all stopped. I heard the voice of a pastor on earth who prayed for me, and suddenly, I was back in my body.

Are You Ready for Heaven?

If you died suddenly, would you be standing at the pearly gates? If you’re not sure, pray with me: Jesus, I know I’ve made mistakes in life. Please forgive me. Come into my life. Be my Lord. Thank you, Jesus!

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