Demonic Principality Behind the Gay Agenda

By Vladimir Savchuk | June 15, 2023 | 4 mins

Demonic Principality Behind the Gay Agenda

We live in a world where diverse identities and orientations are recognized and celebrated. This new wave of acceptance is visible all over our nation, including entertainment, pop culture, corporate America, politics, and education. For some, these changes represent progress toward inclusivity, but for many believers, this gay agenda is seen as a demonic agenda pushing anti-biblical values and celebrating sin.

The government’s push for The Equality Act seeks to place sexual orientation on the same level as race, veteran status, and national origin in the US Civil Rights Code. Additionally, the Biden administration has rewritten Title 9, requiring public schools across the US to validate gender identity. These policy changes represent a societal shift towards acknowledging diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

Some, like Latoya Raveneau, a Disney executive producer, have openly admitted to “incorporating queerness” in children’s programming. Similarly, big tech companies, such as Google, YouTube, and TikTok, have been criticized for promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda and censoring content that critiques it.

One song by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sparked controversy by jokingly suggesting that the “gay agenda” subtly influences societal norms.

Still don’t believe that demons are behind this?  

“Satan Respects Pronouns is a fun way to show your pride–a lot of LGBT people have found that Christianity hasn’t always been the most welcoming to them and find solace and humor in the idea that Satan would,” states Abprallen. 

As slow and subtle as it may seem, this progression in our culture is a manifestation of a broader spiritual battle.

The Principalities Agenda

  • Come out of the closet”

The demonic agenda is pushing to get many people to “come out” or proudly identify as LGBTQ+, yet as believers, it’s important to remember that sin is nothing to be proud of. We should be ashamed of sin, but we shouldn’t be ashamed to repent. 

  • Demanding rights

This gay agenda also demands rights for equality. As believers, we know that God, not the government, gives rights. And God doesn’t give us “rights” to sin. The government can give “civil” rights that people use to sin like “no-fault divorce” or the production of porn but God doesn’t give those rights. 

  • Demanding recognition

This demonic agenda desires that everyone accept diverse identities and orientations.

  • Taking your rights

The rights of cisgender women are being encroached upon, especially in sports. This is clearly seen in the case of Lia Thomas, who is a transgender woman and won an NCAA Woman’s Championship swimming event.

  • Putting people that don’t agree with them “in the closet”

People are forced to vocalize beliefs they disagree with. For instance, refusing to use preferred pronouns has led to harassment charges and even dismissals. One teacher was fired, despite offering to call a person by their name and avoiding pronouns altogether. People are being forced to speak things that they don’t believe are true.

So, how should Christians navigate these complex issues?

1. Understand that the world is far more spiritual than physical (Eph 6:12)

This gay agenda is demonic and used to cause perversion.

2. Don’t hate those who identify as LGBTQ+ (Eph 6:12).

Don’t just see the faults in someone else while overlooking your own.

3. Take a firm stand (Eph 6:11, 13).

Don’t waver in speaking the truth found in Scripture. Vote with your dollar, and don’t vote for politicians who kill babies and uphold perversion. 

4. Put on the armor of God (Eph 6:11, 13-17).

Christians must put on love. It’s a daily choice.

5. Pray (Eph 6:18-19).

The hurting and lost need prayer.

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