The Effects of Prayer

By Vladimir Savchuk | May 9, 2024 | 3 mins

The Effects of Prayer

When we study the life of Jesus on earth, we see that Jesus spent time and based many of His decisions on prayer. If that were not enough, we also see in Hebrews that in heaven He continues to pray on our behalf (Hebrews 7:25).

If our Savior, who died for us on earth, thinks prayer is so important that He always lives to make intercession for us, that tells us that Jesus highly values prayer and should lead us to the same conclusion.

Types of Prayers

There are three types of prayers that we find in Scripture (Matthew 7:7):

  • Asking (a petition for God’s help or blessing).
  • Seeking (an act of devotion to God).
  • Knocking (intercession for people to come to salvation).

In order to have a healthy prayer life, as a believer we need all three types of prayers in our lives. It is normal to have seasons where you spend more time in one area of prayer than in the other, but do not consciously neglect one or the other.

What Prayer Can Cause

1. Prayer Brings A Reward

The first thing I want to highlight is this: Prayer brings a reward. In Matthew 6:6, the Bible tells us to pray in secret, and our Father who sees in secret will reward us openly. This teaches us that the ultimate goal of prayer is not always to get results.

Sometimes you might not get the results you’re praying for, but God will still reward you for praying. In Genesis 15:1, God tells Abraham, “I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” This shows that prayer is as much about receiving God’s presence as it is about achieving results.

2. Prayer Brings Revival

Look at what happened when Jesus prayed in Luke 3:21-22:

  • Heaven was opened
  • The Holy Spirit descended like a dove
  • A voice came from heaven
  • Jesus’ face was changed (Luke 9:29)
  • His robe became white
  • Moses and Elijah showed up

Prayer not only brings us closer to God but also transforms us to become more like Him before changing our circumstances.

3. Prayer Brings Release

Another important reminder is that prayer brings release. When it doesn’t remove the struggle, prayer will be an aid to renew your strength (Luke 22:40-42). 

In difficult times, even when prayers seem unanswered, God provides strength and comfort. This release can come in many forms, such as peace during trials or the courage to face challenges.

4. Prayer Brings Results

Lastly, prayer acts as an earthly license for heavenly interference, according to Myles Monroe. Prayer doesn’t change God but it can change everything else. 

The Bible records 650 prayers and 450 answers to prayers. Throughout the Bible we see various examples of people who prayed and saw God’s faithfulness–Abraham, Job, Solomon, Hannah, Jabez, Hezekiah, and Zacharias are just a few.

I want to encourage you to press into prayer. Whatever season you may find yourself in, find refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. Remember that God will fulfill His promise but He delights to answer your prayer. 

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