Reasons You Should Fast

By Vladimir Savchuk | April 11, 2024 | 3 mins

Reasons You Should Fast

Fasting is abstaining from food for spiritual reasons. It is always connected to a devotion to God and a desire to humble yourself before Him. Starvation is not the same thing as it is done solely for the purpose of appearance.

About a year ago, I began challenging myself and others to join me on a 3-day fast at the beginning of every month. During this time I do a livestream to provide encouragement. Since then, I have heard how so many people experienced a revived fire for God, a desire to know Him more, and even breakthrough. Here are a few other things that fasting can cause in your life.

What Fasting Causes

1. Fasting is a rational response to God’s mercy, not an attempt to receive it.

Fist off, we must understand that the foundation of fasting is the revelation of our righteousness in Christ. It is the understanding that we are loved, accepted and made perfect in Christ, not out of our own efforts or attempts. We are not fasting to get God to notice or love us but rather in response to the revelation of who we are in Him.

2. Fasting is presenting the body as a living sacrifice to God. 

In the first 11 books of Romans, Paul talks about the mercies of God and then continues on to plead with us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1). The best way to do so is through fasting. In this way we are “killing our flesh” and submitting it to obey God.

3. Fasting, which promotes self-denial, goes contrary to a culture that’s obsessed with self-discovery. 

I truly believe that if you take extended time to fast as a response to God’s mercy, you will begin to experience a shift within your heart. You will begin to sense the Holy Spirit’s conviction and guidance in certain areas that prior to the fast you weren’t aware of. As a result, your life will look distinct to those around you.

4. Fasting helps to build resilient mind.

As you fast, consume God’s Word. As you do this, you’ll notice that your mindset will begin to shift and God will begin to renew your mind by removing the lies you have believed and replacing them His truth.

5. Fasting brings transformation to your soul, body, and spirit. 

Not only will you begin to experience a renewal in your hunger for God and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as you fast, but you will also begin to notice changes in your mood, emotions, and your overall health. There will be a noticeable change in you.

6. Fasting moves you to God’s perfect will. 

Lastly, as a result of being more aware of God’s nearness, you’ll will begin to hear His guidance more clearly. This is especially true for anyone who is about to make big life choices. Take time to fast and humble yourself before the Lord and trust that He will guide your next steps.

I pray this was a blessing to you. Consider joining our monthly fasts here.

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