Alt. Text for How God Reveals His Plan For Your Life
by Vladimir Savchuk | 11 mins | 
Almost everyone in our culture has questions for God. Why does God allow evil? Why do bad things happen to good people? These questions are normal for people to have, but when you encounter God you’ll soon come to find that in His presence there is so much joy, peace, and beauty that these questions seem to disappear. Once you.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Get the Bible Inside You
by Vladimir Savchuk | 6 mins | 
If you had fed your body the way you fed your spirit in the last 12 months, would you be here today? Some of us don’t fast physically but we fast spiritually. If you’ve been desiring for your spirit man to grow, one of the keys is learning to harbor the Word of God within you. Here are a few.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Find Victory in the Valleys
by Vladimir Savchuk | 5 mins | 
Until recently, I used to think that fever was a disease, but it is not. Fever is the body’s response to disease. This is similar to how fasting works. The body is wired to fight against something that’s not supposed to be there by raising the temperature. But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on.. read more
Alt. Text for 5 Ways to Know God’s Will For Your Life
by Vladimir Savchuk | 7 mins | 
One of the number one questions I hear from young people is, “How can I know what God’s will is for my life?” And I would agree that it’s a valid question to have. How can anyone know what God desires in their ministry, job, marriage, or any other sphere of life? Knowing His will for any particular area of.. read more
Alt. Text for Dating Principles
by Vladimir Savchuk | 14 mins | 
Before I share about some principles concerning dating, I want to share something that has stood out to me from the book of Ruth. Ruth was a young widow; whose late husband was from a nation called Moab. In addition to the Moabites worshipping false gods, Moab and Israel were nations in conflict. Now Ruth’s mother in law was called.. read more
Alt. Text for What Prayer Causes
by Vladimir Savchuk | 8 mins | 
Before Jesus moved to the valley to deliver the demon-possessed boy in Matthew 21, the Bible says that He was on top of the mountain and was praying to the Father. Something that stood out to me is that it says that as He was praying, His face changed.  Now it came to pass, about eight days after these sayings, that.. read more
Alt. Text for Building the Mental Power to Fast
by Vladimir Savchuk | 5 mins | 
Fasting is more challenging mentally than it is physically. If you want to succeed in fasting to deepen your faith and relationship with God, you will need to hold strong in your mind when the flesh and body try to get you to quit. An Experience of Mine While Fasting In the middle of my 40-day fast, I took a.. read more
Alt. Text for Fasting is Feasting on God
by Vladimir Savchuk | 6 mins | 
When I am fasting, the Lord reminds me that my body’s hunger is what my spirit feels when I am not feeding on spiritual food. It is like the Holy Spirit is saying: Finally, you can feel in your body what your real inward man is feeling when he’s deprived of nourishment. What sandwiches and roast beef are to my.. read more
Alt. Text for The Private Discipline of Fasting
by Vladimir Savchuk | 4 mins | 
Fasting is a private discipline that brings public reward. God Himself promised to reward you openly when you fast properly. The devil causes people to sin privately, but God teaches us to separate ourselves privately. Whatever we do in private will be seen in public; it’s only a matter of time. When I Grew Up As a kid growing up.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Biblically Humble Yourself
by Vladimir Savchuk | 4 mins | 
You may have heard the parable about the two ducks and a frog. On a farm, there was a frog and two ducks, and they were great friends. During the hot summer, the pond dried up. The ducks got ready to fly to another place, but they didn’t want to leave the frog behind. They came up with a brilliant.. read more