Beware of These 7 Demons

By Vladimir Savchuk | October 30, 2023 | 5 mins

Beware of These 7 Demons

It’s important that when we discuss demons and their functions, rather than leaning on personal experiences or internet sources, we rely on the Word of God to give us further understanding. In the Bible, demons reveal their nature through their names, sometimes reflecting idols, animals, or historically evil figures.

Demons in the Bible are categorized as evil spirits, unclean spirits, familiar spirits, lying spirits, and angels of Satan. Their mission is to deceive, torment, enslave, and even physically harm. Here are a few traits of common spirits that you may have already encountered. Take inventory of your life as you read through this list.

Look Out For These Signs

1. The Spirit of Fear (2 Timothy 1:17)

While a healthy fear of God and of our safety is normal, the spirit of fear is a demon that overwhelms people with anxieties, such as the fear of failure, death, or isolation. This demon can restrict believers from realizing God’s full plans for them. It paralyzes them, causing them to never move forward in certain areas of their lives.

2. The Spirit of Death (John 10:10)

Satan aims to kill and take from your life. This spirit manifests through constant thoughts of suicide, murder, self-mutilation, abnormal grief, and convulsions. Often, when a person self-harms, attempts/contemplates suicide, or even commits the act of abortion, this spirit gains greater ground, plaguing them with deep feelings of loss and despair.

3. The Spirit of Harlotry or Lust (Hosea 5:4)

Behind acts like adultery, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, and prostitution is often the spirit of lust. This spirit also manifests itself in dreams as a man or a woman to have sexual intimacy with the person. This is known as a spirit-spouse.

Engaging in these acts opens doors to the demonic realm and causes a huge impact on your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

4. The Spirit of Bondage or Addiction (Romans 8:15)

This demon stands behind addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and video games. The spirit of bondage drives addictions. While some habits can be formed naturally, this spirit further entrenches them, making them hard to break without renouncing and getting rid of this spirit through the help of the Holy Spirit.

5. The Spirit of Infirmity (Luke 13:11)

This spirit is linked with allergies, arthritis, cancer, mental disorders, constant weaknesses, and even chronic rashes. While not every sickness is caused by a demon, many sicknesses are caused by one and thus, they should be addressed both spiritually and physically.

Another related demon is the deaf and dumb spirit which result in physical impairments like deafness and muteness. In the Scriptures we see that the demon was cast out and the boy was able to function (Mark 9:17-25).

Often, physical healing takes place during deliverance.

6. The Spirit of Pride (Proverbs 16:18)

This can be a demonic stronghold causing arrogance, revenge, rebellion, a lust for power, cruelty, vainglory, and jealousy. This spirit is particularly deceptive, and we see that this was the reason that Satan fell from heaven.

This is one of satan’s characteristics and he’ll use this spirit to infiltrate the lives of many people.

7. The Spirit of Python or Divination (Acts 16:16)

This spirit operates through cults like Free Masonry, Mormonism, Scientology, secret societies, the New Age, Jehovah’s Witness, fortune-telling, and black magic. Its main assignment it to deceive. If you grew up in a home that worshiped other idols, crystals, or was involved in the occult, I want to encourage you to come against that in Jesus’s name; I know that by doing so you will see breakthrough and God’s blessing in your life.

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Resist And He Will Flee

We are called to resist and confront these spirits. As believers, we have the victory in Christ and we are more than conquerors in Him. I want to encourage you to take a moment and come against any spirit that you notice may be affecting your life. Take a moment to repeat this prayer by faith.

“Holy Spirit, I invite Your presence into my room. Lord Your Word says that where Your spirit it, there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17). I command every spirit of fear and affliction, every spirit of lust and pride, to loose me right now in the name of Jesus. Come out right now. Leave right now in Jesus’ name. Lord I apply your blood over my life right now. May I experience Your freedom right now, in Jesus’ name. Fill me Lord, drive out every spirit that seeks to oppress and destroy my life. In Jesus’ name, I command these spirits to go and I declare freedom over my life, in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

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