Deliverance – 5 Truths You Must Know

By Vladimir Savchuk | October 7, 2021 | 4 mins

Deliverance – 5 Truths You Must Know

For those who are going through the deliverance process, perhaps it’s been a month or even a few years, I want to encourage you with these 5 truths.

You can be a genuine believer and be in bondage, but God desires your complete freedom. Read these truths to strengthen yourself as you seek out your full freedom in Christ.

These are based on the book of Exodus 2:23-6:26.

The 5 Truths of Deliverance

1. You Can Be A Believer and Be In Bondage

Have you noticed in the chapters mentioned above, that Jesus mentioned, “My people” constantly? It was His people that were in bondage and in need of freedom.

With this mindset, you cannot go to God. It makes you feel guilty for having that bondage. But during this time it’s important to remember that your bondage does not disqualify you from being in God’s family.

2. God Has Heard Your Cry and Has Come Down to Deliver You

Your deliverance is not connected to a prayer line, a person, or a manifestation but to the Messiah.

His name is Jesus Christ.

God has heard your cry. Has seen your pain, your tears, your sleepless nights, and every demonic attack against you. He sees every generational curse that attached itself to you and the curses you brought upon yourself.

God is not simply sympathizing with you but has the answer.

3. Deliverance Requires Confrontation NOT Negotiation

Moses started with a confrontation. If you want to walk in deliverance, you have to be ready for confrontation.

You cannot defeat Pharaoh if you are not willing to confront him. The moment you confront him he will switch tactics and will begin to negotiate with you. Be ready to stand your ground and confront demons when you see them operating in any area of your life.

Do not negotiate with demons.

It’s about getting back your life, peace, health, family, children, and everything that the devil has stolen.

Never negotiate.

4. Deliverance Makes Your Life Harder Before it Gets Better

 When Moses confronted Pharaoh, things did not become better, they actually became worse(Exodus 5:20 -23). This is a common scenario with people who begin the process of their deliverance.

It’s important to understand that during this process God is not just liberating you, He is also establishing His Kingdom within you and around you.

We need to have patience.

Deliverance is a process. It is not a one-time event; it is a journey.

Even when demons are removed God is still breaking things down. God will peel off the layers so that you won’t look like the world, because in the first three plagues Israel and Egypt looked the same.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not see the difference yet, keep pressing into God, and you will begin to see the change in different areas of your life.

5. Deliverance Takes You From Slavery to Service

The whole purpose of deliverance is to take you from slavery to service, not just to free you from pain.

In Exodus 3:18 to 12:3, God says one thing, “Let My people go so that they can serve Me.”

God was not liberating them so they could do whatever they wanted to do, but so that they would do what God desired for them. God delivers you so that you can have a better Master before you can have a better life.

God’s desire was to liberate the Israelites from captivity so they could serve Him unrestrained. The danger for us can be when we are seeking God to be free from the bondages, only so we can continue living an unrepentant, godless life.

Be sure that you take time to recognize the motives that are leading you to seek deliverance. Once detected, if misaligned, humble your heart before God. Surrender your life for more of His.

By doing this, you clear the path for your deliverance.

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