3 Main Doors To Demons

By Vladimir Savchuk | November 11, 2021 | 5 mins

3 Main Doors To Demons

If you open all of the windows in your house, it is not surprising when insects and pests like flies, mosquitos, or even mice come in. The door has been opened to them and the access has been granted.

Ephesians 4:27 reminds us, “don’t give place to the devil.”

Demons act similarly to flies in that they’ll come right into a life when a “door” has been opened through sin. That is why we must heed the Word of God and not give any leeway through sin or small compromises.

In John 14:30, Jesus explains “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.” In other words, Jesus was explaining that the devil didn’t have access to Him – nothing in Him or on Him. The access was denied!

As Christians, we are supposed to follow Jesus’ example and live as the Lord did – holy.

Each deliverance case is different but one thing is true: demons dwell where access is given.

Demons dwell where access is given.

Regardless of how they might have come in, as Believers we must undergo a process of sanctification or a process of deliverance.

Three Main Categories That Cause Open Doors:

1. Inheritance

  • Demons can be inherited through the bloodline from one generation to another. They can be passed on when loved ones die. Demons are not people; they are spirits and therefore do not die with the person. A person may also be born with demons, which can be embedded into one’s DNA, blood, and system. This is why certain diseases, such as cancers, or even proclivities in one’s character that were initially seen in the lives of the parents may also be seen in the lives of the children. These cycles may continue until someone chooses to stop them by repenting, seeking deliverance, breaking curses or oaths that remove the influence of the demons.
  • Demons can be inherited through unwanted pregnancies. Demons may gain access to the baby while in the mother’s womb. If the baby was unwanted when conceived, or if the pregnancy was unplanned, these can become open doors. Parents may unknowingly pronounce curses over their children in these situations, allowing the demons of rejection to enter, which may result in rebellion in the child’s life.  

    When pregnant, be sure to speak God’s blessing instead of curses over your baby. Trust God to help you through difficult situations that may have come about as a result of the pregnancy.
  • Demons can be inherited through gender disappointment. If a child is conceived and the parents did not want that gender, this can serve as an open door. Some parents prefer a to have a boy instead of a girl and are filled with disappointment and resentment when that does not happen. This open door of gender confusion may cause the child to desire to be of the opposite gender when growing up. Instead, open the doors of God’s blessing by speaking God’s blessing over your child while they are still in the womb (see Jeremiah 1:5; Luke 1:41). Pray over your children in the womb.

2. Intrusion

  • Demons can invade as a result of a broken home. There may be consequences for vulnerable and young children who grow up in a broken home, which can have damaging effects. Demons of anger, resentment, and hatred may enter through these unfortunate circumstances. This can sadly result in the children leading a life of poverty, divorce, brokenness, jail-time, and the inability to make a life for themself. God hates divorce because He hates seeing broken family units; this makes the child susceptible to the enemy.
  • Demons can invade through abuse. Abuse is an open door to demons. Demons can cause hatred, confusion, and resentment towards God and people in the life of the person who experianced the abuse. Although the abuser is the one who is demonized, the person being abused may come under the influence and intrusion of demonic spirits.
  • Demons can invade through moments of weakness. These moments when you feel like you have had enough and snap, may be used by the enemy as an open door. The person may become uncontrollable, unrecognizable, and difficult to be around by loved ones. Satan exploits weak places and weak moments, so that he can gain control and mastery of a particular area of that person’s life.

3. Involvement

  • Involvement in the occult. Willful engagement in particular arts, such as the occult, witchcraft, and things that are demonic in nature can open doors to demons. Bringing demonic objects into our possession, reading demonic books, the participation in rituals and oaths, making demonic contracts, talking to the dead, all cause exposure to demonic intrusion through willful involvement. Bringing things of the kingdom of darkness and of demonic nature in our lives opens this door.
  • Other willful activities. In a similar manner, demons can also enter a person through sexual sin – porn, masturbation, fornication, and sin of that sort. Abortion, abusing drugs, adult entertainment, and certain music or movies can also be potential open doors to the demonic.

How To Remain Free From Demons

The short answer – Live pure. Keep your ears and eyes pure. By keeping the gates and the doors of your life closed to the “flies” you will be able to live a life that is holy and sanctified, controlling your vessel in honor and sanctification, and bringing the most glory to God.

If you are battling with demonic spirits, identify the open door, repent, and renounce it.

Seek deliverance from God.

Find a deliverance minister that can pray for you.

Stay grounded in a local church, in the Gospel, and in the truth of God’s word.

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