Alt. Text for Victory Over the Flesh
The challenge that many of us face, especially those who get exposed to spiritual warfare and the demonic kingdom, is that we begin to think that everything is demonic, or we begin to act like deliverance will fix everything. We must compliment the teaching of deliverance with the teaching of the Scripture concerning discipline, discipleship, and devotion. The Bible refers.. read more
Alt. Text for Debunking “Once Saved Always Saved”
This doctrine teaches that salvation can never be lost, despite the lifestyle you lead or the actions you take–even if it means denying Jesus and turning your back on Him. This view is based on Romans 8 and John 10 which in summary state that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and that Jesus’ sheep have eternal.. read more
Alt. Text for Fast Forward
In Fast Forward: Accelerate Your Spiritual Life Through Fasting, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk takes you through a 21 Day Fast paired with daily Biblical teachings, spiritual encouragement, and practical tips that will help take your walk with God to the next level. In this book, you’ll:.. read more
Alt. Text for Fast Forward: 21 Day Fasting Plan
Fasting is not starvation or an involuntary absence of food; it is abstaining from food for spiritual reasons. Fasting is not a hunger strike, and it is not a diet—a diet focuses on helping you lose weight, while fasting draws you closer to God. This is a great devotional use as you fast... read more
Alt. Text for Deliverance Prayers
This E-Course is required before joining the HungryGen Digital Deliverance... read more
Alt. Text for Praying in the Holy Spirit
In this course, you will learn how to effectively pray in the Holy Spirit according to Scripture. After taking this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what it means to pray in tongues and walk in the fullness of God’s power... read more
Alt. Text for The Unoffendable Heart
In this course, you will learn how to develop a heart that is unoffendedable, just as God desires... read more
Alt. Text for Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?
The topic of alcohol is on the top of the list of top controversial topics in the Christian community. More than just providing a simple yes or no answer, in this blog I aim to break down different Scriptures regarding wine, in hopes of answering some of the most common questions. Among them, are:.. read more


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