6 Clues to Your Calling

by Feb 1, 2021Ministry

There is a general calling that we have from God which is to FOLLOW Jesus, FORSAKE sin, and to FISH for souls. God also has a specific calling for us within His body.

As you pursue your general calling, your specific calling will become more clear with time. Click To Tweet

How to find your specific calling?

Special revelation from God. God can reveal our calling through a dream, vision, prophecy, or inner whisper. God revealed the calling to Moses out of a burning bush, to others, it was through an angel. Some were called into their calling by a prophet, for example king Saul and king David were appointed by the prophet Samuel.
Question: What do you feel prompted by God to do?

Advice of others. Our faith community, along with leadership, can see and discern God’s calling over our life better than we can see it ourselves. It’s important to pay attention to their suggestions as to where we fit best in the big picture of God’s redemptive plan for humanity.
Question: What are others suggesting that you should do?

The needs of the world. When Moses saw Israel in bondage, it moved him greatly. That compassion was the clue to his calling. At times, things that break our heart become a pointer to our purpose.
Question: What breaks your heart when you look at the broken world?

Your passion. These are causes that get you excited. These are the things that impact the world for Christ, and doing them replenishes you instead of depleting you. This can be the sign of your calling in the big picture of God’s will for your life.
Question: What are you passionate about? 

Talents and gifts. Talents come with your birth, gifts come with salvation. God graced you with natural abilities and spiritual gifts for the purpose of fulfilling your calling. Your gifts and talents are good suggestion of what your calling is.
Question: What are you good at?

Your experience. God can use your mess and turn it into a message. Scars can become your stars. Moses escaped Egypt, and then God used him to deliver Israel out of Egypt. At times, the things we go through are not just for ourselves, but also for our ministry. Devil wanted to use our past to destroy us, but God not only rescued us but also can recycle our past to advance His purpose on this earth.
Question: What is your testimony?

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

Colossians 3:17

It’s important that we get busy doing the general will of God which is to follow Holy Spirit, pursue holiness and win souls and make disciples.

Be faithful in small things. David was called to be a king but he was faithful with the sheep. He went to the palace as musician, soldier, general and only then he became a king. Even when he became a king, it was only over one tribe. It took him 7 years before he became king over all the Israel. So be patient.

God is not just interested in helping you reach your calling but also in changing you in the process.

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