Break Free

resource - Break Free

Do you find that you are living in a spiritual cage, unable to get out, repeating the same sin over and over again? Perhaps, you are living out the sinful tendencies of your parents, instead of the destiny God has prepared for you. If you are tired of taking two steps forward and three steps backwards in your spiritual life, then Holy Spirit will use “Break Free” as a key to get you out of that cage of limitation and stagnation, and into a life of freedom!

Break Free will…

  • Remove the scales from your eyes about the reality of the spiritual world, and give you the tools to stop simply dealing with the symptoms of your problems, but remove the roots of those problems.
  • Challenge the belief that curses and demons are only problems in third world countries.
  • Show that demons come to build strongholds in the minds, as well as destroy a person’s life.
  • Define, once and for all, what freedom really is.
  • Teach you the practical steps of how to stay free, and never return to a life of bondage.