From Secret Sin to Secret Place

From Secret Sin to Secret Place

We are either living in secret sin or in secret place. It's time to move from hiding sin to hosting the Holy Spirit. It's time to move from secret sin to secret place.

Walking in the Holy Spirit

Walking in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has become the forgotten God. Let’s not forget that the Holy Spirit authored the scriptures, but the author is always greater than his book. Jesus relied on the Holy Spirit while on this earth, thus leaving us an example to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance

Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance

For over a decade, Pastor Vlad and his team have been at the front line of spiritual battle bringing deliverance to the captives. In this short e-book he answers 41 frequently asked questions concerning deliverance through Scripture, personal experience as well as the...


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How to Have an Effective Early Morning Prayer?

Starting your day with prayer is you telling God, “Good morning! I am here, I missed you, but I know you missed me more!”

How to Pray?

Are you wondering how to pray or what to pray for? You are not alone! Disciples asked Jesus the same question. Prayer is communication between the Father and His children. Just as communication can’t exist without a relationship, so can’t prayer.

4 Ways to See More Healings in Church

We believe in healing, we also believe in medical science. While God has given doctors the knowledge to be able to help people get better health, medicine can only treat the symptoms of an illness, it is Jesus who does the healing.

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